Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel

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Title: Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press & Blackfly & Monte Cristo - Amethyst Press
Editor(s): Catherine Schlein and Kitty Woldow
Date(s): July 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Warren Oddsson

Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel is a gen 155-page anthology. It won a 1999 FanQ and has a cover by Warren Oddsson.

From the zine: "All stories contained herein have not been previously published on the net, nor are they reprints. This zine is rated PG-13."


  • Editorial by The Editor (2)
  • Father's Day by Debbie Pack ("Blair gets a letter he didn't expect.") (3)
  • Guardians, poem by Renae Ransdorf (11
  • Heartsounds by Sheila Paulson ("Blair's missing, and Jim is on a desperate search." Another summary: "When Blair's burned out car is found with a body in it, Jim doesn't want to accept that his guide is dead.") (12)
  • In a Silent Part of Being by Catherine Schlein (Jim's senses are on overload, and Blair must find out why.) (35)
  • And Sorrows End by Merryish ("Forced to go to a teambuilding meeting, the two escape on an errand with nearly deadly results.") (66)
  • Cypher: Chained Fury, poem by Jane Mailander (76)
  • Cypher: Fury Unchained, poem by Jane Mailander (76)
  • Lucidity by Kitty Woldow ("In the woods, trapped by a psychotic killer, with your partner dying....") 77)
  • Forbidden Fruit by Sue Kelly ("There's another guide in town, and when she meets Jim....things change.") (111)
  • Blair Sandburg, filk by Jane Mailander (to the tune of "Gil-Shalos" by Leslie Fish) (153)

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