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Name: Jane Mailander
Alias(es): Gardener Hill
Type: fanwriter, fanartist, failker
Fandoms: Blake's 7, due South, Man From UNCLE, Mutant X, Professionals, Quantum Leap, The Sentinel, Wild Wild West, Wiseguy, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Miami Vice, X-Files
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Jane Mailander writes slash and sometimes gen in many fandoms. She also draws cartoons and writes and sings filksongs.

cartoon Pure Maple Syrup#8, full gallery below

Never That Jane

In 1998, Jane said: "I've been in about six different kinds of fandoms (filking, media, sf, etc.), where I have 'never' been the 'Jane' people meant when they talked about a fan named 'Jane.' In media fandom, it was Jane of Australia or Jane Carnall. In filking, it was Jane Robinson (aka Dr. Jane). And so forth."[1]


Fan Comments

Doesn't really like my favourite pairing in B7, and I still love her writing. She writes basically-optimistic, psychologically-healthy characters, and she's original and intelligent. [2]


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Year Title Zine (if any) Fandom
1991 After the Last Dance Play It Again 2 Quantum Leap
1991 A Debt Unpayable Play It Again 2 Quantum Leap
1992 Some Say the World will End in Fire, Some in Ice Concupiscence 2 Professionals
1992 Why it Hurt Concupiscence 2 Blake's 7
1992 Land-Bridge (Land-Bridge 1) Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink 1 Professionals
1992 Beau and the Beast Other Times and Places 3 Professionals
1993 Roses If Their Mothers Only Knew 1 Man from UNCLE
1993 cartoon Just My Type 1 ?
1993 Two Kinds of People, Two Seas in Judea Just My Type 1 Blake's 7
1993 Jolly Roger McPikus Interruptus 2 Wiseguy
1993 Roll Over, Indiana Jones McPikus Interruptus 2 Wiseguy
1993 Wiseguy: The Untold Slash Scenarios McPikus Interruptus 2 Wiseguy
1993 The Sisters of No Mercy Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink 2 Professionals
1993 Settlement (Land-Bridge 3) Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink 3 Professionals
1993 Last Leap Oh Boy 3 Quantum Leap
1993 The Waiting Room: Kenny Sharp Oh Boy 3 Quantum Leap
1993 The Little Merman Other Times and Places 4 Professionals
1994 Exploration (Land-Bridge 4) Murphy's Law Professionals
1994 Land-Bridge collected The Land-Bridge Saga Professionals
1994 The True Story of Navarre and the Tiercel-Knight Other Times and Places 5 Ladyhawke/Professionals fusion
1995 One Who Has Made a Long Journey Bene Dictum 2 crossover Professionals/The Crying Game
1995 Runagate No Holds Barred 10 Professionals
1995 The Boss Won't Like This Other Times and Places 6 Professionals
1997 poetry, cartoon, filk The Last of a Breed 2 Due South
1998 One Hundred Minutes of Solitude Sentry Duty 2 Sentinel
1999 reprint collection from Chalk and Cheese B and D's Excellent Adventures Professionals
1999 Sonnets Espresso For One Wiseguy
1999 Quest for Fire Entr'Acte Jonny Quest
1999 Pinky Does The Brain Entr'Acte
1999 ? Gentlemen Never Tell 3 Wild Wild West
1999 Hombathlay Second Variation on the Theme of B and D Professionals/Watership Down fusion
2000 ? Gentlemen Never Tell 4 Wild Wild West
2000 Kushtaka Sentry Duty 4 Sentinel
2000 Punk Rock Your Kink or Mine 2 Sentinel
Scoring Opportunity Sentinel
2001 obsenads An Old Married Couple Sentinel
2003 Sturmentanz Mutant Sex 2 Mutant X
2005 What the Telempath Saw Mutant Sex 3 Mutant X
2006 ? Gentlemen Never Tell 9 Wild Wild West
? Four Questions 852 Prospect Sentinel
? Jim of the Jungle Beefstick and Lambchop 2 Sentinel
? Blair Sandburg Beefstick and Lambchop 2 Sentinel
? filk Even Steven 1 Due South
? It's a Wolf's Life Even Steven 1 Due South
? Mounted Police Even Steven 1 Due South
? Dief Toons Even Steven 3 Due South
? For Which the First Was Made Jim and Blair Do the Time Warp Sentinel
? obsenads Obsenads Sentinel
? Cypher: Chained Fury Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel Sentinel
? Cypher: Fury Unchained Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel Sentinel
? Spiritual Guidance Suggested Scared Senseless 1 Sentinel
? Blair vs. the Volcano Senses of Humor Sentinel
? Water Rises 852 Prospect Sentinel
? The Eighth Course Sinful Simon Sentinel
? Coyote and Wolf Play Bone-Toss Southern Seven 10 Blake's 7
? This Old House Southern Seven 10 Blake's 7
? Silent Knight Warriors 3 Sentinel

Jane's Filk



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