The Last of a Breed

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Title: The Last of a Breed
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Date(s): 1996-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: due South
Language: English
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The Last of a Breed is a gen Due South anthology with Ray Vecchio. There are three issues.

Issue 1

The Last of a Breed 1 was published in 1996 and contains 202 pages.

cover of issue #1
flyer for issue #1
  • Terminal Case by Paula Smus--Ray and Fraser find themselves stranded at the airport in New York, but the wait is anything but uneventful, not with grannies, kites, and missing jewels. Light action. (7)
  • After the Winter Winds Have Died by Gena Fisher--A tag to "Victoria's Secrets." Fraser's in the hospital, Ray's back home, and he's hurting. Serious. (6)
  • Road to Nowhere by Birgit Staebler--Ray and Fraser find themselves caught up in a horrifying mystery involving illegal aliens and organ trading. Hurt/comfort. (27)
  • Reflections by Elyse Dickenson--Another tag to "Victoria's Secrets." Ray and the ghost of his father argue over Fraser. Serious. (5)
  • Spring Cleaning by Judy Stoffler--Fraser agrees to help Ray with the annual Vecchio family spring cleaning and ends up cleaning out some of his own mental closets. Light. (10)
  • You Seem a Little Upset by Elyse Dickenson--A crossover with Fraser. A blackout strands Fraser in an elevator with an unusual companion. Humor. (8)
  • Tybalt is Bleeding by Jean Thrower--A sequel to "Juliet is Bleeding." Ray's severed all ties with Fraser, and Frankie decides it's open season on Mounties. Ray's change of heart might be too late. Hurt/comfort. (36)
  • Why Wolves Shouldn't Eavesdrop by Gena Fisher--A conversation -- poor Dief. Humor. (2)
  • Prisoners of Love by Angela Rivieccio--Victoria returns, Fraser disappears, and Ray is peeved -- until he learns the truth. Serious. (25)
  • Chicago Ghost Story by Birgit Staebler--A crossover with The Real Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters are in Chicago on vacation when a grave is robbed and a cemetery guard killed. Just another case for Ray Vecchio, until he and Fraser discover that the grave was the resting place of the Merlin Skull, an object of great power that's headed for evil hands. But not if the ghost of the man it was buried with can get it back first. Light action. (42)
  • Family Values (by Fallon Zane) A missing scene from "Some Like it Red." Didn't you want to know Robert Fraser Senior's reaction to his son's cross-dressing? We thought you might! Humor. (3)
  • Plus poetry by Teri Sarick and Vonne Shepard. Art by Anja Gruber and H. Ann Walton.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

The Last of a Breed 2 was published in 1997 and contains 163 pages.

Hi Everyone! And welcome back to a second issue of our Due South zine. We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as the first one. A big thank you to our repeat author, Angela Riviecco. for coming back for a second issue* And another big thank you to the folks who made this issue possible, the rest of the line-up! Lori Beatty, Christine Carr, Victoria Hasiam, Jane Mailander, Linda Rimmer, and Teri Sarick. And a special thank you to H. Ann Walton for the wonderful cover and Anja Gruber for sending us some internal art work. It is much appreciated! We're sorry to say that there won't be a third issue of The Lest of a Breed, but we would still love to receive Due South fiction for inclusion in our multi-media zines. Please?
  • Officer Down by Victoria S. Haslam--A look into Ray Vecchio's life before Fraser. (4)
  • Not Dead Enough, Dad by Christine Carr--Fraser and his father have to reach an agreement. (5)
  • Love Beneath the Shadows of the Moon by Linda Rimmer--A sad vignette about the loss of magic. (4)
  • A Change is as Good as...Arrest? by Victoria S. Haslam--Ray accompanies Fraser North of the border and runs into a "tricky" situation. (6)
  • The Confession by Linda Rimmer--A haunted woman with a past seeks out Fraser to tell her tale to. (6)
  • Lottery Lunacy by Christine Carr--Ray's playing the lottery again, and he even wins, but can he find the ticket, and what's it going to cost him? (9)
  • All the Queen's Mounties by Lori Beatty--A collection of missing scenes from the episode of the same name. See what Fraser and Thatcher were thinking! (11)
  • Heavenly Dues by Teri Sarick--Fraser finds himself in a most unusual situation after he's injured. (35)
  • The Legend by Linda Rimmer--Fraser is haunted by a woman from his past, then she lures him into a trap. (6)
  • A Bad Situation by Lori Beatty--Take a peek into Fraser's thoughts after the infamous plane crash. (6)
  • Giving Thanks by Angela Rivieccio--Ray invites Fraser over to help with some cleaning, but an accident lands the Mountie in the hospital and the arms of a loving family, the Vecchios. (27)
  • Fortune's Fool by Victoria S. Haslam--Ray attends Irene's funeral, and so does Frankie. (6)
  • Plus poetry by Jane Mailander, Melissa Mastoris, Linda Rimmer, Teri Sarick, and Jean Thrower. And a filk, a cartoon, and two "Top 10" lists by Jane Mailander. Color cover art by H. Ann Walton, and internal art by Anja Gruber.
  • contains Cinda Gillilan's 1997 Fan Survey

Issue 3

The Last of a Breed 3was published in March 1998.

cover issue #3
  • Think About It by Sandy Fiore--Could Fraser be more than he seems? (1)
  • It's a Chicago Thing by Christina Carr--Ray learns he has to be careful about what he says since Fraser - being the literal-minded Mountie he is - might just take it to heart. (6)
  • Miscalculation by Sandy Fiore--Frankie Zuko is finding out just what it means to take on a Mountie. (2)
  • So Where to Now? by Theresa Evans--Life after Victoria bring many things, including growth and understanding. (3)
  • Don't Fear Love by Victoria S. Haslam--In the aftermath of Victoria nightmares abound, and both Ray and Fraser need a little time to heal. (6)
  • Blood-Red by Jean Thrower--Ray finally discovers the real reason Fraser was trying to leave with Victoria. (15) Note: was originally going to be in "Northern Lights," a proposed zine that never made it off the ground.
  • Thaw by Christina Carr--Thatcher's history with Fraser goes back further than he'd ever imagine. (19)
  • Will Not be Published Today by Teri Sarick--A crossover with Early Edition. The cat's sick, but Gary has a job to do and part of it is keeping a Canadian Mountie in Chicago alive. (50)
  • A Winning Combination by Victoria S. Haslam--Sometimes you just have to admit that a big brother isn't such a bad thing to have after all. (3)
  • Night Sounds by Linda Rimmer--Dreams keep Fraser company. (2)
  • Sweet Revenge by Caroline Von Trott--A madman is after Ray, but he targets Fraser, and succeeds. (22)
  • Little Red Riding Mountie by Teri Sarick--A parody on our intrepid trio - Ray, Fraser, and Thatcher. (4)
  • The Late Arrival by Angela Riviccico--A homecoming long awaited and deeply felt. (9)
  • Critical Review by Teri Sarick--A little self-reflexive satire. (8)
  • Plus poetry by Victoria S. Haslam, Melissa Mastoris, Linda Rimmer, and Teri Sarick. Filks by Kristi Nelson. Art by Anja Gruber.