Vonne Shepard

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Name: Vonne Shepard
Type: fan writer, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Professionals, Star Trek, Magnificent 7
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Vonne Shepard was an early Star Trek and Professionals fan. She edited and published a medical guide to writing hurt/comfort using her training and experience as a nurse. She was also a member of the SlashBashers fan group in Los Angeles for over 30 years and was interviewed as part of the Media Fandom Oral History Project in 2012. She passed away in May 2015.[1]

In the mid-1980s Vonne was a member of the DeForest Kelley Fan Communique. She submitted the following introduction to the DeForest Kelley Fan Communique Membership Kit:

"....I am a cardiac nurse...... I am now a 'naturalized' Californian. I love California.

I have many hobbies: camping; hiking; making and collecting Teddy Bears; old movies (especially those of the 40s and 50s); science fiction; reading; riding my bike; roller skating; and I love sports, especially football. Now, thanks to Sue and Jackie, I'm into writing--poetry and stories, Trek and non-Trek. I love Star Trek-have since the beginning when my sister, Joyce and I used to be glued to the [TV] set every week.

My favorite character/actor is Dr. McCoy/DeForest Kelley, maybe because I'm a nurse. Thanks again to Sue, I now belong to all of Dels fan Clubs (4 in all). It is well worth it. I'm fairly new to fandom; March of 1985 was my first convention. I have really taken off from November 1985 when I met Sue and joined the DKFC. Now I am a rabid fan and I love it. I'm meeting so many new people through Trek.

My goal is to write, poetry and a novel, and with my friends encouragement, I know I'll be able to do it. My writing keeps me sane from my very stressful job. I work 12-hour days at [a hospital] in Santa Monica. The advantage to 12-hour days is working only 3 days a week--lots of time for my hobbies and for Trek."