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Fan Club
Name: DeForest Kelley Fan Communique
Dates: 1981-1994?
Founder(s): Sandra Keil
Leadership: Sandra Keil, Lorraine Beatty, Sue Keenan
Country based in: United States
Focus: Star Trek and DeForest Kelley
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a 1984 flyer
a 1986 flyer

DeForest Kelley Fan Communique is a fan club that was formerly called "DeForest Kelley Letter Exchange" or DKLE."

Its founder was Sandra Keil. Shortly after its founding in 1981, she turned it over to Lorraine Beatty. Its president in 1984-1986 (perhaps longer) was Sue Keenan.

Among other things, it published a quarterly newsletter that contained fiction, zine reviews, ads, LoCs, photos, and news about DeForest Kelley.

In 1981, one of its main activities was the More McCoy fan campaign.


From an Undated Membership Kit

Welcome to the Deforest Kelley Fan Communique — or, in come cases, welcome back. The DKFC is an unofficial fan club designed to keep Mr. Kelley's fans informed and in touch with each other. As time goes on you will find that this club is different. Not in what it offers, but in the closeness and friendliness of its members. We're a family, and we want you to be a part of it. One of the best ways is to become involved. We encourage participation because that way you'll feel that you belong. Just keep in mind that we can always use material for our newsletters: Letters of Comment, Zine Reviews, Classified Ads, Kelley Reviews, Feature Articles, Short Stories, Artwork, Convention Reports, etc. If you send in a LoC, be sure to mark it "for publication" so we don't print something by mistake.

Our pen pal listing is very important to the club. Each year we redo the membership listing with current addresses and biographies of our members. What we would like you to do is send us a i-page biography and let us know if you're looking for pen pals.

Our club newsletter, The DeForest Dispatch, is published quarterly... sorta. When it's time to put out the Oct/Nov/Dec issue, that means you may get it in Oct/Nov/or Dec. Sometimes the Dispatch has to wait for a special announcement, project, etc. that can't wait for the next issue. Also I have a full time job (with lots of O.T.) that really limits the amount of time I can spend on the club. So be patient with me, ok? I also get a horrendous amount of mail. The membership kits are redone once a year. Some of the material (Mr. Kelley's biography and credits) won't change much, but there will be new photos, updated pen pal listing, and other parts that wi11 change. Also, we have a lot of gaps in Mr. Kelley's credits, so if you can fill any of them in PLEASE let us know.

"DeTV" is a video taping service offered to our members for a nominal fee. Basically it covers Mr. Kelley's non-Trek roles as well as a few interviews. We are always looking for shows that we don't have, so, if you have something, please let us know. We'd like to get as wide a selection as possible for our members.

Our club's charity is the North Shore Animal League, one of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley's favorites. The NSAL rescues and cares for approximately 40,000 dogs and cats per year, then finds good homes for them. Their basic rule is never to destroy and animal, and in over 40 years of operation, they never have. The DKFC will be sponsoring various projects to raise money for the League and I hope you participate. It's a very worthy cause.

Well, that's about it, except to say the I hope you enjoy the next year with the club. If you have any complaints or suggestions, be sure to let me know... anything can be improved.