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Title: The McCoy List
Publisher: DeForest Kelley Fan Communique out of Inglewood, California, though it has appears to have some connection with Elan Press
Editor(s): Marcia Coates (compiler), Cinde (and/or Linda?) Deren (compiler), Bonnie Guyan (typist), Sue Keenan (president of the fan club)
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The McCoy List is a Star Trek: TOS 60-page resource zine. The cover is by Vel Jaeger.

This zine lists all print zines (up to 1990) that contain stories with a focus on Bones McCoy. The editorial says that it took two years to compile and type.


The zines are sorted in lists by:

  • zine editor
  • author
  • zines by alpha order (this last list includes short synopses)

A Request for Help

From The DeForest Dispatch #15 (1987):
I'm in desperate need of a volunteer with the following qualifications: Must have computer with letter-quality printer that can handle micro-print (15-pitch). Must also be a self-starter and a glutton for punishment. "Why," you ask? About 2 years ago I asked our members to send in listings on the McCoy stories that had appeared in fandom. Well, Marcia Coates (assisted by Cinde Deren), has been researching the subject all this time and is about finished. She's done a really fantastic job on this project (l never dreamed there were so many McCoy stories). Now I need someone to type up masters so we can publish it. You can set your own deadline as long as you come close to it. Do I hear a volunteer? I'd do it, but I think this is the only club without a computerized president. Contact Sue, c/o the DKFC.

Sales Were Slow

From The DeForest Dispatch #22:
The sales on The McCoy List are not doing too well. Don't any of you people read zines anymore? I'm not as ambitious as Bonnie [a reference to the printing of McCoy's T.O.Y., a zine that also had slow sales], and I had only 100 copies printed, but the cost of the publication is only $4.00 plus $1.50 for postage. That's pretty cheap for 5+ pages of pure McCoy reference. Orders?

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