The DeForest Dispatch

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Title: The DeForest Dispatch
Publisher: DeForest Kelley Fan Communique
Editor(s): Sue Keenan and Cat Smullen
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1984 to at least 1991
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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a cover of the club kit magazine, see DKFC Membership Kit

The DeForest Dispatch is a newsletter focusing on the actor DeForest Kelley. It was published by DeForest Kelley Fan Communique.

Description from a seller: "I joined his official fan club in 1987. It came with a kit magazine, shown in the foremost image in the primary picture here, and a membership list. I received 4 quarterly newsletters entitled The DeForest Dispatch throughout 1987. They are 24 pages with numerous articles, pictures of De in various roles, and even correspondence from De's wife Carolyn. The membership came with the glossy 8 x 10 heavy photo paper photo shown, which for some reason is heavy on the red hue. The kit magazine also has a nice 4 x 7 glossy photo of De at a convention, looking very handsome. This fan club was in regular contact with the Kelley's, as the newsletter articles reveal."[1]

Sample Letter from the Club President

From late 1986/early 1987:

Dear Members, As some of you old-timers know, I occasionally slip in these notes to you which are not included in the copy I send to the Kelleys. They don't have to know everything .

First, I'd better explain what Carolyn is thanking us for. I always send De and Carolyn birthday cards from the club, but since their anniversary and Christmas are kinda special family days, I usually send a present or flowers. This Christmas I sent a floral arrangement of a dozen white roses, white lilies and white star flowers accented by two long white tapers and boughs of Douglas Fir. It was really beautiful and the Kelleys loved it. The flowers cost $85.00, so if any of you want to chip in a few bucks it won't be turned away.

I found out too late that some of you would have liked to have sent the Kelleys something for Christmas, but didn't know where to send it. Well, you can always send cards or gifts by sending them to me. Just make sure to get them to me in time, and a few bucks toward postage would also help. Then I'll send everything on to them in time for the holiday.

However, I do not handle fan mail. This is an unofficial club and I'd rather see letters of that kind go through the studio. He wi11 get them. Just send them c/o Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038. The reason for this is twofold: l) The studio counts fan mail to gauge an actor's popularity, and, 2) I like to limit my contact with the Kelleys to essential matters concerning the club.

On September 7, 1987, De and Carolyn will be celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary and 1 thought we'd do something special... which won't cost much. But I need al1 your help. I'm stealing an idea from the WKI and giving it a twist. What I need from you is one photo of you and your pet(s). (Since Inge has 24 cats, I'll allow her two photos.) However, if you're camera shy, I'll take just the pets. Many of you probably have such a photo lying around the house now. If you don't have a pet, then how about a stuffed animal... or your VCR... or you car... anything that you love like a pet. Then I'll put them all into an album and send it to the Kelleys for their anniversary. Be sure to write on the back of the photo your name and the pet's name. I know that De and Carolyn will love it, but I need big participation to make this work--so get out the old camera and start snapping.

On to the newsletter. --Sue Keenan

Issue 1

The DeForest Dispatch 1 was published in Apr/May/June 1984.

Issue 2

The DeForest Dispatch 2 was published in July/Aug/Sep 1984.

Issue 3

The DeForest Dispatch 3 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1984.

Issue 4

The DeForest Dispatch 4 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1985.

Issue 5

The DeForest Dispatch 5 was published in Apr/May/June 1985.

Issue 6

The DeForest Dispatch 6 was published in July/Aug/Sep 1985.

Issue 7

The DeForest Dispatch 7 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1985.

Issue 8

The DeForest Dispatch 8 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1986.

Issue 9

The DeForest Dispatch 9 was published in Apr/May/June 1986.

Issue 10

The DeForest Dispatch 10 was published in July/Aug/Sep 1986.

Issue 11

The DeForest Dispatch 11 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1986.

Issue 12

The DeForest Dispatch 12 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1987 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #12
  • very brief letters from DeForest Kelley and Carolyn Kelley (2)
  • editorial (3)
  • a long letter from a fan telling about the tragic death of a club member named Billie M who'd been killed December 2, 1986 in a car accident in Alaska (4)
  • a poem called "Symbiosis" by T'Psya written for the club member who'd recently passed away (5)
  • two short LoCs (6)
  • some club news (7)
  • "A Stray Cat" by Donna Shepard about rescuing a stray cat out of the rain (8)
  • announcements for Magnum Opus Con #2, March 27–29, 1987, Columbus Iron Works Convention Center in Georgia, GOH were to be DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Patrick Troughton, Louise Jameson, Anthony Ainley (9)
  • an ad for Trekruise #87 (9)
  • a list of DeForest Kelley's movie credits (10)
  • a review of Katra #5, see that page (10)
  • ads for fannish goods (11)
  • a con report for Midcon in England, see that page (12)
  • an explanation of "Fans Who Care", "an organization dedicated to raising funds for the Motion Picture Hospital and Retirement Home to help out the indigent in the entertainment industry (15)
  • an announcement about a new club, the official The George Takei Fan Club of America, run by Jess Fritch; it was to have a quarterly newsletter called Again: Naked Time (15)
  • a review of Star Trek IV (movie) (15)
  • a fan's account of meeting with other fans to see the new Trek movie (16)
  • "Season's Greetings," fiction by Charmaine Wood (18)

Issue 13

The DeForest Dispatch 13 was published in April/May/June 1987 and contains 24 pages.

front page of issue #13
art from issue #13, artist is Sherry Veltkamp
art from issue #13, artist is Vel Jaeger
  • editorial (1)
  • a proposal for "The Good Doctor," a McCoy-centric zine by Vel Jaeger and Toni Hardeman This zine was never published. (2)
  • a LoC for fans to write letters opposing comments made by William Shatner who supposedly supported killing off McCoy or Scotty in the next Star Trek movie (2)
  • movie update: Star Trek V is coming closer, William Shatner has moved into his office at Paramount "sandwiched neatly between [[Richard Arnold|Arnold/Fontana/Gerrold on the floor above and Leonard Nimoy on the floor below. And the producer of the next film will be a guy called Harve Bennett. Anyone ever heard of him?... The plot? Who knows at this point. Rumor is that it deals with horses, but that may be a confusion with another WS project called 'Bloodlines'." (2)
  • the editor says since the club is beginning its fourth year, it's time to redo the Membership Kit—she needs new bios from members (5)
  • information about DeTV, a DeForest Kelley taping tree (6)
  • an update about ST: TNG, including short descriptions of the characters (7):
    You're going to love it, so be sure to tune in. Allow me a personal note here. Many fans feel that this new series may somehow detract from the Star Trek and crew that we all love so well. Not true. The series will have no effect on the Trek movies being made. The movies will go on for as long as the cast wants to do them, and the public continues to make them profitable. This series shouldn't be seen as a replacement, but as a new adventure Into the creative genius of Gene Roddenberry. Remember The Great Bird of the Galaxy who created Star Trek, Questor, Spectre, etc., etc.? Who says he can't do it again? I, for one, am very excited about this new series, and will await its debut with pause button in hand. Let's give Gene's new child a chance to grow.
  • a review of the movie "Where Love Has Gone" (7)
  • ads and classifieds (9)
  • a con report for Trek-a-Con #2, see that page (10)
  • club auction results raised $2530 for the North Shore Animal League (some sample items: De's cowboy hat went for $380, a copy of Interphase #3 went for $51) (11)
  • other news regarding other Trek fan clubs (12)
  • Trekruise swag for sale (14)
  • book review of "Dream of the Raven" (15)
  • Beads & Rattles is coming along, though late. "We're working on it, so don't despair. I've hit a few snags, but it's shaping up quite well. Try to be patient." This zine was never published. (21)
  • "No Bones About It," an article by Kris Smith about how DeForest Kelley helped her in her writing career (20)
  • untitled poem by Mary Pat Cheney (21)

Issue 14

The DeForest Dispatch 14 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1987 and contains 24 pages.

first page of issue #14
  • editorial (some subjects: the Kelleys enjoyed the club's book of pet photos they put together for the couple's anniversary, the proposed zine "Beads & Rattles" is over a year late, the club has about 175 members) (1)
  • there is a letter by five fans saying that Kay Johnson has leukemia and has inadequate insurance, the fans have set up a non-profit organization with "by-laws, directors and a growing national organization" whose only purpose is to raise the estimated $70,000 plus that Kay's medical care is costing, asks fans to send "even a few dollars, this way no one is bearing an awful expense, adn Kay can focus her attention on winning her battle." The editor adds that Kay is a wonderful person, and if you can't send money, send her a card (3)
  • there is a letter of warning from a fan about TrekWest Cruise which promised DeForest Kelley would be on a cruise when in fact he'd never signed the contract, the fan got her money back with great hassle, warns other fans that last minute cancellations by celebrities is understandable but misrepresentation is not, the editor adds that she has heard Nichelle Nichols will not be there due to a conflict, but Walter Koenig would be (4)
  • news about the next ST movie (5)
  • clipping about McCoy appearing on ST: TNG (5)
  • DeForest Kelley in the news (7)
  • about the upcoming DKFC is having a party at Creation Con just for club members (7)
  • TNG news (8)
  • a short review of Formazine, see that page (9)
  • a description of "333 Montgomery," a 1960 series pilot by Gene Roddenberry (9)
  • an ad for Star Trek Alliance, France's first Star Trek fan club, its president may be Ed Deesse (10)
  • a fan, Roxanne Fritch-Hodges, writes "Please Take Notice that effective June 22, 1987, I resigned as co-chairperson of the George Takei Fan Club of America for personal reasons. I am not responsible for any of the debts and obligations of that club nor do I condone the actions of its current chairperson, Daryl Jess Fritch." (10)
  • My Day At Paramount, a visit to the set by Vonne Shepard (12)
  • My Night at Paramount, a recount of a party at Paramount by Sue Keenan (13)
  • two con reports for Trekruise East, May 15–18, 1987 Bahamas via Miami, special guest stars were Grace Lee Whitney, George Takei, Mark Lenard, Walter Loenig, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett, Jimmy Doohan, and Robin Curtis (14)
  • a con report for Creation Con at the Dearborn Civic Center, July 18, 1987 (16)
  • a con report for Creation Con at Washington D.C., August 8, 1987 (17)
  • "Mountain Weekend," fiction by Shirley F. Kemarly (McCoy goes horseback riding, is attacked by a mountain lion, a blond-haired women dressed in buckskin named "Illini Jean" tends to his wounds and cooks him a tasty dinner, he meets her part-wolf dog named "Saber," and then she rides off into the sunset. "As they part company, Jean and McCoy promise to meet on the mountain again.") (20)

Issue 15

The DeForest Dispatch 15 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1987 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #15
  • editorial (1)
  • two LoCs, one about the DKFC room party at Creation Con, one from a fan explaining why DeForest Kelley is a great actor (3)
  • Sue Keenan asks for help with The McCoy List (7)
  • reviews of the first episode of Star Trek: TNG (8)
  • a con report for the Dearborn, MI Creation Con, July 1987 (10)
  • a con report for the Washington D.C. Creation Con, August 8–9, 1987 (11)
  • another Creation Con report, unclear which one of two (17)
  • a room party review (18)
  • charity update (19)
  • Deception, Skullduggery, and Deceit, or, How We Scammed the DKFC President by Jackie Edwards (an account of surprising Sue Keenan with a visit to the Star Trek set) (20)

Issue 16

The DeForest Dispatch 16 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1988 and contains 22 pages.

front cover of issue #16, includes a handwritten letter by Carolyn Kelley (and Fancy (dog) and Myrtle (turtle), thanking fans for the flower arrangement that was sent to them for Christmas.
  • a handwritten note from DeForest Kelley thanking fans for the belt buckle they sent him for his birthday
  • the editor mentions that the Kelleys had a plan to provide a birthday trip for her: a trip to the Star Trek set
  • there is a long letter from a fan who pretends to be outraged that her nickname, "Krazy Kris" has been mentioned in the newsletter, as well as by DeForest Kelley onstage at a con. She is, of course, actually thrilled.
  • this issue has a memorial section for fans who have passed away
  • some trivia puzzles
  • a review of When the Lu'guii Cries, see that page
  • a con report for Vulkon, see that page
  • a review of the movie, Warlock, which Kelley had a role as a man named Curley Burne
  • short notes on what the Star Trek actors' current professional activities
  • the editor writes: "At the October convention in L.A., DeForest Kelley said that he was going to cut down on future cons so he could stay home and get to know his dog. We were all sorry to hear that, but a man is entitled to play with his dog occasionally."
  • a poem by Sally Scheef called "The Next Generation"
  • a poem by Carol P. Crunk called "The Healer"
  • a poem by Sandie Thompson called "The Task"
  • "No Bones About It: The Sequel" by Kris Smith, a fan's account of meeting Kelley at a Spokane convention
  • "The Sexiest Man in the Galaxy" by Mary Silcock, a fan's road to becoming a Star Trek fan, and her very detailed descriptions of appreciation for DeForest Kelley
  • there will be a DKFC party at StarFest '88 in Denver on March 26–27, 1988
  • some film clip collecting, even at this late date:
    As you all know DeForest Kelley made a cameo appearance in "Encounter at Farpoint" the premier episode of the new Star Trek series. Unfortunately there was no still photographer on the set that day, and no positive film from which we get film clips. (The series uses a video tape process.) However, through the generosity of Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek: The Next Generation production office, De's appearance has been transferred to half frame 35mm positive film and clips from this film are available to DKFC members. The Star Trek office has 100 packets, each containing 10 clips from De's memorable appearance, and they can be yours for only $5.00 per packet to be donated to the North Shore Animal League [the club's charity]. Each packet contains similar clips, but once they are gone there will be no more available...anywhere... My special thanks go to The Big Bird, the Trek production staff and the Star Trek office for giving us this rare opportunity to obtain these unique items and support our club charity.
  • regarding the club's video taping service:
    DeTV... has been temporarily suspended... [Juanita (W) S] has been running DeTV since it started, even after she got married last May. Well, the demands of married life are starting to influence [her] household, and although Junaita and Bray would like to continue to handle the service, there just isn't enough time anymore. Juanita says that she still has some tapes to complete and then she will be returning the masters to me. To tell the truth, I'm surprised that she stuck with it this long.... The good news is I have already found a fool volunteer to take over DeTV. Our new video gal is [Marcia C]. Many of you probably already know Marcia from conventions and DKFC parties. She's a great gal and a hard worker, and will do a great job with the service.

Issue 17

The DeForest Dispatch 17 was published in Apr/May/June 1988 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #17
  • editorials by Sue and Cat
  • two short LoCs
  • a review of the movie "Death Valley Days" in which Kelley played a character named Elliot Webster
  • a fan's review of the tie-in book "Time for Yesterday" by A.C. Crispin
  • a con report by Anne Batterby of the Dreamwerks Convention in Syracuse, New York
  • a con report by Pat Neal of the Creation Con in Atlanta, Georgia (one tidbit: Kelley wore the belt buckle the fan club members gave him for his recent birthday)
  • a con report by Vonne Shepard for StarFest '88, March 26, 27, 1988 in Denver, see that page
  • a detailed account of the DKFC party and charity auction at StarFest '88
  • "No Bones About It: The Dinner" by Kris Smith, a fan's account of having dinner (along with three other club members) with DeForest and Carolyn Kelley at StarFest '88
  • "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Paperweights" by Kris Smith, a fan's account of being given an autographed lemon by DeForest Kelley off of his own lemon tree, and her adventures in trying to preserve the lemon by encasing it in Lucite; sadly, this was a mistake as the process destroyed the actual Kelley signature; two other fans decided to make drinks out of their lemons instead...
  • "Confessions of a Closet Trekker" by Megan Dargan, a fan's account of becoming a Star Trek fan, and of going to her first con (StarFest '88 in Denver)
  • regarding StarFest '88 and vids: "… the Denver convention had a Music Video competition. First place honors went to Megan Dargan, and the third place went to Jackie Edwards, both DKFC members. That's pretty astonishing considering the attendance was about 3500 people."
  • a fan offers up her skills as a handwriting analyst and studies DeForest and Carolyn Kelley's handwriting

Issue 18

The DeForest Dispatch 18 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1988 and contains 22 pages.

front cover of issue #18
  • editorial by Sue
  • various movie and series updates
  • Sue Keenan writes at great length of the Oakland Creation Con, various practical jokes, her visit to the ST:TNG set, their host [[Richard Arnold, and, of course, DeForest Kelley
  • a poem by Vonne Shepard called "The Oakland Con"
  • a poem by Kris Smith called "Star Trek V: Dead or Alive????????" (she sent it to Paramount—the poem's a recount of fans' frustrations about previous casting traumas, and a threat that the next film will be a flop without DeForest Kelley in it: the last stanza: "This is not an idle threat. If Kelley's out, you can take bets. The show will fold, and the only long lines. Will be irate former fans carrying signs!!!")
  • the editor says that as of this date, the fan club has donated $4497 to their charity, the North Shore Animal League
  • short account of William Shatner calling a fan with terminal cancer
  • a clipping from the North Shore Animal League newsletter about the club's donations
  • a fan's review of the movie "The Millionaire" in which Kelley plays a character named Mike Wells
  • a review of Fantasy #12, see that page
  • contact info about many fan clubs
  • there is a full-page submission request for the club's upcoming fiction zine, at this point, unnamed. It ends up being McCoy's T.O.Y.
  • the editor writes: "It has come to my attention, for some reason, the DKFC newsletter gets sent out without the stamps ever being cancelled. Looks like my Post Office is falling down on their job. (Why am I not surprised?) So, inspect your stamps when the publications arrive. If they are not cancelled, you can reuse them... or send them back and I'll reuse them. Let's teach the Post Awful a lesson."

Issue 19

The DeForest Dispatch 19 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1988 and contains 20 pages.

front cover of issue #19, the pink checkmark means this fan's subscription was due to be renewed
an illo (a rarity) in issue #19
  • editorial by Sue
  • there is a handwritten note from DeForest thanking the club for flowers and vodka he recieved for Christmas
  • DeForest Kelley has donated his blue and white striped shirt (one which some club members swooned over) for the club's charity auction
  • "The Legend of the Striped Shirt" by Krazy Kris is an essay on the aforementioned shirt
  • review of Azimuth to Zenith, see that page
  • a wordplay by Kris Smith called "DE-finitions"
  • a review of DeForest's role in "Frozen Escape" at the Pepsi Cola Playhouse on November 27, 1953
  • a poem by Vonne Shepard called "One Day in the Park"
  • "A Relapse of Kelley Fever," an essay/testimonial by Marcia Wiant
  • "My Christmas Present," an essay by Sue Keenan, a description of this fan's trip and tour of the TNG set and the Star Trek V set, Richard Arnold was the tour guide

Issue 20

The DeForest Dispatch 20 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1989 and contains 26 pages.

front cover of issue #20
  • editorial, which says that the club is now five years old, that it started with 11 members and now has between 150-200 members spanning 8 countries
  • there is the results of the charity auction: the biggest item was DeForest's striped long-sleeved shirt which went for $275 (the fan who won this shirt had her dad build a display case for it)
  • there is quite a bit about the "birthday box" that was sent to DeForest, a box that was filled with cards and "small, funny presents"—the editor had a party at her house for fans to wrap gifts: hot dogs, potato salad, burgers, and dips were served—the box ended up weighing 60 pounds and was delivered by a professional messenger—inside the box: lots of chocolate, lots of turtle gifts to honor DeForest's pet turtle, a t-shirt, a six foot inflatable skeleton, marbles, boxer shorts...
  • "Husband Hunting on the Enterprise" by Kris Smith (evaluating the various regular male characters on the show as husband material: the best choice.... Dr. McCoy, of course)
  • a review of the movie: I Ain't Talkin' -- DeForest portrayed a character named Eddie Robbins
  • a review of Mind Meld #5, see that page
  • the editor writes:
    Now I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Beads and Rattles, the long awaited club zine will not be published. I was a fool to think that I could run a club AND put out a zine. It can't be done when you also have a full-time job and try to answer your mail. However, the good news is that most of the material will be going to McCoy's Toy, the club's other zine. And Bonnie is a lot better at zine publishing then I am. So hang in there, folks. You'll get those promised stories.
  • regarding The McCoy List, the club's other publication:
    Look for a new DKFC publication coming soon. It's The McCoy List. Yes, folks, this one will actually get published, mostly because I had very little to do with it. The McCoy List is a listing of almost all the McCoy stories ever printed in fanzines complete with cross reference and synopsis of each story. I'm picking up the pricing estimate today, so look for the price later in this issue... The cover is by Vel Jaeger, and the material was compiled by Marcia Coates. Bonnie Guyan put it on the computer (bless her little heart). The publication is 52 pages of micro print and is a MUST for you zine collectors who are looking for McCoy material. All profits from the sale of this publication will go to the North Shore Animal League so I expect you all to buy a copy.
  • a con report by Anne Richardson for an un-named con in Australia
  • "An Actor's Craft," article about "DeForest Kelley's outstanding acting ability" by Kris Smith
  • "How Did I Get Myself Into This" by Sue Keenan, an article about her journey to the DeForest Kelley fandom and her experiences as the DKFC president
  • a full-page ad for Mostly Eastly Con
  • a full-page ad for McCoy's T.O.Y.
  • a full-page ad for many zines by Poison Pen Press

Issue 21

The DeForest Dispatch 21 was published in Apr/June/July 1989 and contains 20 pages.

front cover of issue #21
first page of the insert, "The Turtle Times" -- an example of 1988/89 computer desktop publishing
  • editorial
  • DeForest gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the editor tells club members: "So everyone start those diets and saving money for the big trip. We're going to have a grand ol' time for this event."
  • the Kelleys have had to put their dog, Fancy, to sleep, the editor writes: "I don't know when or if the Kelleys will get another pet, but choosing a dog is a very personal matter and should be left to them. Some of you may be tempted to send them a new puppy, but please don't. It wouldn't be fair to the Kelleys."
  • the editor tells fans there is a blooper reel for the fifth Star Trek movie, just released, but that William Shatner has the only copy and has probably locked it in his vault for private showings
  • there is a con report by Sandy Zier (from 1987) for the Dreamwerks Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania in April 1987
  • a poem by Megan Dargan: "DeForest Kelley"—excerpt: "In cowboy hats or on the bridge, he's really quite a guy. Who is the man I'd like to meet? DeForest Kelley -- SIGH."
  • "The Forgotten Relationship," an article by Laurence Zacher about the relationship/friendship between McCoy and Scotty
  • a review by Sue Keenan of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: the movie had some good parts, many faults, but DeForest Kelley was absolutely superb and steals the film: "If I were a movie critic for a national newservice I'd give this movie a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10. I were rating it for a fanzine, maybe a 9 or 9.5. But for this publication, it gets a 25 (out of 10), and we all know why."
  • "Ask the Doctor"—two fake letters asking for advice about ear mites in cats, being in love with a Vulcan who only wants to "get romantic" every seven years
  • there are some short excerpts of reviews of the film from national newspapers
  • included in this issue is a two-page, fan-created humorous newsletter created on a computer called "The Turtle Tribune," and written by and for the Kelley's pet turtle, Myrtle
  • there is a con report for a Creation Con in Los Angeles that DID NOT have DeForest Kelley as a guest, a con this fan was "dreading"—the con turned out to not be very fun, as expected, and the con report is mostly full of personal hijinks and jokes
  • the club raised $840 for the club's charity, the North Shore Animal League, and there is a copy of the thank you letter from the club: the letter mentions that "there are over 200 DeForest Kelley fans at the league as well, that share your love and sentiment for De and his beautiful Carolyn."
  • there is "Open Letter to the Kelleys" by a fan who has "been accused by the uniformed of having a 'crush on a movie star.' She elaborates:
    For those who have never met either of you, I suppose that is the easiest, most logical assumption. It used to rankle me, because on the surface it's insulting to both you and me... When people accuse me of having a mere 'crush,' I respond, 'You can only have a crush on someone you haven't really met yet. The moment they become real to you, the first fanciful images began to fade. Quite often you end up disappointed that they don't measure up to a very unrealistic list of expectations. Carolyn and DeForest Kelley go beyond 'measuring up.' Then -- if they want to know more -- they can have chapter and verse on some details that line my memory like priceless, ageless gems. It comes down to this: De and Carolyn, I'd love you if you were a shoe salesmen. And if no one can relate to THAT, they have a crush not I. It is THEY who can't see the DeForest through the trees. --- Not-So-Krazy Kris Smith

Issue 22

The DeForest Dispatch 22 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1989 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #22
  • editorial, the editor says she is getting some help with the newsletter as a fan, "Krazy Kris," is moving to Los Angeles
  • there is a short handwritten note from Carolyn Kelley thanking fan club members for the flower arrangement commemorating the Kelley's 40th wedding anniversary
  • there is a short letter by a fan named Theresa D, who says she is a member of 36 Star Trek fan clubs and writes to 60 pen pals
  • a fan reviews the DeForest Kelley movie "Night of the Lepus," a film about giant monster rabbits that terrorize an Arizona community
  • a review of the zine Lifeboat, see that page
  • a fan is selling copies of photos she has taken of DeForest at cons, and has a full-page ad
  • a poem by Sandy Zier: "The Feeling is Mutual"
  • a fan wants to know other fans' choices in saving their Trek stuff if they were in a housefire; this is a bit like a Desert Island List exercise
  • the editor has a short article for fans on making plans to go to Hollywood to see the presentation of DeForest's star on the Walk of Fame
  • there are more fake humorous letters to the advice column: "Ask the Doctor"
  • a poem by Terye Gaines: "DeForest Kelley"
  • "Krazy Kris" the fan has the transcript of a fantasy phone call to the Kelleys, it reads a bit like role-playing
  • there is a LONG letter by Bonnie Guyan, the editor of McCoy's T.O.Y. bemoaning the slow sales of the zine and humorously berating club members for this, see the McCoy's T.O.Y. page
  • the editor notes that sales on the The McCoy List have also been slow: "Don't any of you people read zines any more?"
  • the editor speculates on why the fifth Star Trek movie didn't get, in her opinion, a lot of publicity and support from the studio
  • there are several long newspaper clippings about the movie
  • there is a fan's review, Theresa Delicot, of the fifth Star Trek movie
  • there is a fan's review, Pat Neal, of the fifth Star Trek movie
  • there is another fan review, this one by Sandy Zier, of the fifth Star Trek movie:
    Star Trek V was, in my opinion, a fan story that came to life on the big screen. And not only that, a fan story that deals with the "triad" (does that remind you of any fanzines you know and... Sue, of course I'm not biased! [2]). In this respect, you can't get much better. I can't tell you how many stories I've read that I love not because of the plot (chances are they may not even had one) but for the interplay between the big three. Well, Star Trek V did it for us. Maybe it is because of the blatant show of love between the three characters that makes it difficult for critics to deal with the movie. Maybe their awkwardness in seeing this on the screen gives them a sense of distaste for the movie. You figure.
  • there is a letter from a fan named Laury C-H:
    I got married to a wonderful man. And, believe it or not, I've got De to thank for it. You see, I met him at De's convention in January 1388, right here in Miami at a Vulcon convention. Since then we started going out. We got engaged at another convention and finally we decided to get married. We got married on May 6, 1989, and went on the Star Trek cruise for our honeymoon. The best thing was that our friend, Joe Motes, the guy that put on the conventions and the cruise, decided to give us a surprise: a Starfleet wedding! So, William Campbell was the officiator, Mark Lenard was the best man, Robin Curtis was the maid of honor and Denise Crosby, John De Lancie, and the rest of the cast members were the witnesses! Isn't that great!?! Well, it doesn't end there. There's more. I'm now expecting a baby!

Issue 23

The DeForest Dispatch 23 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1989 and contains 20 pages.

front cover of issue #23, the green checkmark means this fan's subscription was due to be renewed
  • editorial, the editor now has another typist, a fan who has moved into her apartment
  • there is a review of McCoy's T.O.Y. #1, see that page
  • a review of the movie, "Warlock," where DeForest plays a character named Curley Burne
  • "RX for Trek V," a fan's suggestions about what would have made the movie better
  • an installment of "Ask the Doctor"
  • a fan's son is selling handpainted denim jackets with DeForest Kelley's portrait on them; other photos could also be adapted
  • there is a long letter by "Krazy Kris" about moving to L.A. ("sort of like going to heaven without the inconvenient hassle of having to die first."), the decision to print more of her "skits" in the newsletter seeing how DeForest has gone into semi-retirement from appearances and there won't be other stuff to write about, and her pet African wildcat (a serval)
  • a "skit" (a kind of role-playing transcript" by Kris Smith, starring Kris and DeForest and Carolyn Kelley
  • there is a flyer for OctoberTrek, the first con in two years where DeForest Kelley will appear
  • included is a fairly long description by DeForest of losing, and finding, his parakeet in New York City
  • there is some complaint about how the fifth Star Trek movie is now on videotape, but that it costs $93:
    The entire manner in which Paramount has handled ST V seems designed to use it as a tax write-off. The release date of the movie was wrong, the promotion for it was sadly inadequate, the video is being released way too late and is much too expensive. Of course we, the fans (the only ones willing to pay the price) are expected to buy the video and make Paramount a profit. And if we don't, WE will be blamed for its failure because we didn't support it. Oh, well...
  • there is a letter from a fan:
    Imagine, if you will, what Star Trek and all of fandom would be like if you could not see. You would not be able to read fanzines, appreciate the talents of its artists, enjoy photos. You wouldn't be ab1e to read THIS right now ... and how hard it would be to communicate via letter with other sighted fans. I guess it's something that most of us don't even think about... that is, until it comes home. In November of 1987, 1 started having visual problems... by November of the following year, I had started to lose my sight, and here it is, November of 1989 and I'm now visually handicapped. Quite a change in just two years, and one that has given me quite a different perspective on things I used to take for granted. The world of Star Trek and the fandom I've known for the past 20+ years has changed for me as wel1, opening up an entirely different point of view. This is what spawned a conversation between Sue Keenan and myself, regarding the possibility of making the DKFC available in the form of a "talking fan club/zine." The greatest portion of the membership package could be put on cassette, as we'll as the Dispatch, and even our zine—McCoy's Toy. This would give the blind or visually challenged fans a chance to join in on what they've been missing for all these years. To make things even easier, if the visually handicapped person interested in joining the DKFC is registered with the postal service (as I am), their postage would be arranged through me at no charge through the "Free Material" pro-viso. With a little planning, a whole new world of fandom could be opened up. But we could use your help in this venture. Do you know someone that might be interested in a "talking DKFC" or other talking zines? Are you a zine editor that might be interested in offering a version of your publication on tape? Please let us know what you think about this idea. There's quite a bit of work involved in a venture like this, but it would be well worth the effort if we could open up fandom to those who could appreciate very little of it before. Write and let us know if you think this is a venture worth taking. Sue can be contacted at the address on the front page, and you can write to me at: Bonnie Guyan [address redacted] ("Free Matter For the Blind" if you are registered.)
  • the editor adds:
    In response to Bonnie's LoC regarding this club's material being made available to visually challenged fans. It's a wonderful idea and I'm all for it. Effective with this newsletter, talking newsletters will be made available to those who can't read them. I join with Bonnie in urging any of you who put out fan publications to try to make them talk. (Mary Case, a DKFCer, is way ahead of us in that respect. Mary's zines have always been available on cassette.) So, if you know any Kelley fans who are visually challenged, tell them to contact us.

Issue 24

The DeForest Dispatch 24 was published in Jan/Feb/March 1990.

Issue 25

The DeForest Dispatch 25 was published in Apr/May/June 1990.

Issue 26

The DeForest Dispatch 26 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1990.

Issue 27

The DeForest Dispatch 27 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1990.

Issue 28

The DeForest Dispatch 28 was published in Jan/Feb/March 1991.

Issue 29

The DeForest Dispatch 29 was published in Apr/May/June 1991.

Issue 30

The DeForest Dispatch 30 was published in July/Aug/Sept 1991.

Issue 31

The DeForest Dispatch 31 was published in Oct/Nov/Dec 1991.

  • covered DeForest Kelley's Star Ceremony, the handprints at the Chinese Theater,
  • the release of ST VI
  • other unknown content


  1. ^ Sale listing, accessed March 9, 2013.
  2. ^ Sandy is referring to the fact that she is the editor of Mind Meld, a zine series that focuses on the relationship among The Big Three: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.