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Title: Formazine
Editor(s): Patsy Curnow & Linda Chanack
Date(s): 1986-1987
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Formazine is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology. The Fanzine Archives lists the editors as "Patsy Curnow & Chanack." It is subtitled: "A Light Stimulant." This zine is 8.5 x 11.

Reactions and Reviews

FORMAZINE is a series of zines for just the light reading of Star Trek fans. #5 is still [missing word?] with its visual standards with their moral support from their readers. #5 is out now, and there are some wonderful light reading along with some silliness involved. And at a good price. I have all 5 issues with more to come, but to only once a year.[1]

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1

Formazine 1 contains 134 pages and was published in 1986. It has art by Patsy Curnow.

From an ad in Datazine #57: "Fresh thoughts on old, sweet memories."

  • The Eye of the Beholder by Linda Chanack (adapted from James Blish's version of Gene L. Coon's "Arena.") (1)
  • Lament of the Enterprise, poem by Linda Chanack (8)
  • In the Days of Old by Helen Ebner or Marie Gunn (21 pages) (McCoy, Sulu and a young Romulan are accidentally propelled through the Guardian of Forever into the time of knights and quests.) (9)
  • Logic and Love, vignette by Marie Gunn (31)
  • The Bare Season, parody by Patsy Curnow (adapted from James Blish's version of John D.F. Black's "The Naked Time.") (35)
  • T'alis in Spock's Land by Linda Chanack (adapted from James Blish's version of Edward Lakso's "And the Children Shall Lead.") (46)
  • Fevered the Night by Linda Chanack (58)
  • Planetsitter by Ivon (76)
  • In My Shadow, poem by Vera Morgan (90)
  • From Thunders Violence by Patsy Curnow (91)
  • Star Trek Crossword Puzzle by Patsy Curnow (134)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Formazine is a first-time effort by Patsy Curnow and Linda Chanack, two girls from Texas. I heard about it from a flyer enclosed in another zine that I ordered from Datazine. It sounded interesting and the price of $8.95 sounded even better. I was not disappointed, and there is going to be a Formazine II. Being a McCoy fan, my favorite story in the zine is called "In Days of Old," by Marie Gunn. Some Romulas have found the Guardian planet and we open on them fighting with the Enterprise crew. While fighting near the front of the Guardian, McCoy, Sulu, and a young Romulan soldier are propelled into the 14th century, where they have to cope with knights. Sulu learns to joust, and McCoy is a healer that must keep the Romulan's ears covered to avoided to avoid discover. Spock and Kirk come to their their friends' rescue as a monk and Sir Jameskirk; yes it is a bit illogical but it is fun. I have always liked the King Arthur period and Marie does a 'good job with it. '

The artwork in the zine is ail done by Patsy Curnow who also contributes "From Thunders Violence," a very different post-Search for Spock story. It will give you a new perspective on our characters, especially since Star Trek IV Isn't anything like it. Linda has also contributed "T'Alis in Spock's Land" in which we find that Spock has remembered the stories that Amanda told him as a child. He can tell a fairy tale if it is needed.

Formazine is a labor of love by Linda and Patsy and a very good first-time effort.[2]

Issue 2

Formazine 2 was published in 1987 and contains 168 pages. There was a second printing in November 1987 and a third one February 1988.

cover of issue #2

From The Trek Fan's Handbook: "Stonn and T'Pring's marriage. A Christmas story of caring and compassion centered on Uhura. McCoy dragged through a tunnel by a laughing spider. Kirk, McCoy and Chapel hiding on a planet of giant bisexuals. Plus artwork, poetry and more adventures."

Issue 3

Formazine 3 was published in 1987.

cover of issue #3, Linda Slusher
  • Where Are You, Spock? poem by Vonne Shepherd, art by Patsy (1)
  • Rosebuds Filled with Snow, story by Patsy, art by Teegar (3)
  • No Clues Puzzle (puzzle) by L. Selek (27)
  • cartoon by Linda Chanack (28)
  • Arrows a Cloth Yard Long, story by Helen Ebner, art by Lynne Alisse Witten (29)
  • Gold and Blue, poem by Linda Chanack (46)
  • Crossword Puzzle by L. Selek (47)
  • Captain Kirk's First Defeat, story by Elizabeth Mannix (48)
  • Mellowed by a Tender Light, story by Linda Chanack, art by Linda Slusher (62)
  • Alien Beasts, poem by Vonne Shepherd, art by Patsy (77)
  • Time, the Most Glorious Stream, story by Ivon, art by Patsy (78)
  • Camp Rules Cartoon by Linda Chanack (96)
  • Alien Art Workby Lynne Alisse Witten (97)
  • Rendezvous with an Obsession, story by Arnold Klein, art by Patsy (98)
  • answers to puzzle (109)
  • Enterprise Hit Parade, vignette by Marie Gunn, art by Patsy (110)
  • answers to puzzle by L. Selek, art by Teegar (119)
  • The Very Universe Did Shake, story by Patsy Curnow, art by Marie Williams (120)
  • Trek Toons by Carl Braun (141)
  • Kirk art by Linda Slusher (144)
  • front and back cover by Linda Slusher

Issue 4

Formazine 4 contains 130 pages and was published in 1988.

From an ad in Datazine #57: "This volume is filled with McCoy stories including a follow-up to "Rosebud Filled With Snow" from #3. Kirk is stuck with another bride to deliver and you are re-introduced to the Gorns. Plus artwork, cartoons, and more."

front cover of issue #4
back cover of issue #4
  • Climb Into the Fold story by Patsy Curnow, artwork by Patsy (1)
  • Museum Vignette by Linda (27)
  • Choices story by Marcia Pecor, artwork by Teegar (28)
  • Paradise by Teegar (57)
  • Do Not Forsake Me story by Mel Reuss, artwork by Patsy (58)
  • A Time to Celebrate, story by Linda Chanack, artwork by Patsy (78)
  • The Keeper and the Children, vignette by Linda (96)
  • Wordfind, puzzle by Patsy (97)
  • The Second Journey, story by Helen Oxford, artwork by Patsy (98)
  • Cartoons by Teegar (105)
  • In Favor with the Stars, story by Patsy Curnow (106)
  • Vulcan Boy by Linda Chanack (128)
  • Fanzine Listing (129)
  • Cartoons by Teegar (130)

Issue 5

Formazine 5 was published in 1989 and contains 161 pages. The front and back covers are by Teegar.

From an ad in Datazine #57: "This volume features a lengthy story of friendship & caring, a hilarious satire of our favorite crew, more problems for Kirk and Crew, both amusing and intriguing, plus artwork and much more.'"

front cover of issue #5, Teegar
back cover of issue #5, Teegar
  • Some Things More Precious by Patsy Curnow (1)
  • Where DId the Blue Sky Go? by Linda Shanack (17)
  • Where No Person Has Gone Before by Jennifer Weston (18)
  • Daughters of Whn by Linda Chanack (47)
  • Kirk's Poem by Peggy Avant (67)
  • Calamity Sam by Patsy Curnow (69)
  • The Spirit of Fear by Marcia Pecor and Rhonda Gardner (101)
  • Letters of Comment (LoCs) written by some of the nicest Readers there are in the Galaxy (159)
  • art by Patsy, covers by Teegar

Issue 6

Formazine 6 contains 149 pages.


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  2. from The DeForest Dispatch #14