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A zine's reality from being a twinkle in a fan's eye to an actual printed zine in the hand of someone who ordered it, is a long, long journey fraught with drama, mishap, and often simple, eventual lack of interest from both readers and creators.

While many, many proposed zines were launched, there were a number of zines proposed by fans which never made it off the ground. Some were simply brief mentions in letterzines and adzines as fans asked for other fans' interest in proposed zines. If these proposals were met with disinterest or other forms of discouragement, the zine's 'cancellation' was mentioned in subsequent publications, or sometimes the subject was simply dropped.

Some zines appeared to be an almost-reality, listing the artists, full table of contents, publication date, and price, before they dissolved. Their content often showed up somewhere else but that material, too, sometimes simply evaporated.

Proposed Zines was also a common section in adzines. It was a place for fans to announce what they had cooking.

The following is a partial (though fairly complete!) list of proposed zines from various sources (mainly ads in zines) that, for whatever reason, did not make it to final publication.

The A-Z List

Proposed Zines in Alpha Order
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