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flyer for "A Ray of Hope" -- "A Complete Sequel Novel to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Innocent victims of a past shrouded in mystery two young lovers struggle to resist each other for the sake of their very souls... LUKE—Now a fully trained Jedi Knight, Luke returns to Tatooine to rendezvous with Lando, who is on the trail of Jabba the Hut. There he meets a strange girl, a Force-sensitive who inexplicably refuses to train. Nevertheless Luke becomes captivated by her, and she with him—but then he learns her secret, and knows their passionate love is forever forbidden .... RAITHEA—A beautiful runaway, stranded on Tatooine, she meets Luke, who stirs in her new feelings of power, of desire, and of love .... HAN—Hurt by a princess he swears off royalty—but fate has a surprise in store for him .... LANDO—Pulled into the war by his desire to make amends and save Han's life, Lando becomes a companion of heroes,and a witness of destiny .... BOBA FETT—Out for money and his own gain, hot on the trail of Luke Skywalker, he desires the beautiful woman named Raithea, and begins to have a conscience .... DARTH VADER—Obsessed with finding and destroying Sky-walker, he hires Boba Fett, and learns of the existence of someone he thought long ago dead . . . PRINCESS LEIA—She has one desire—to dominate .... CAMIE—A girl from Luke's past, now a pirate's woman, she sees Luke as her means of escape from an intolerable life ... . GRAYLIN—Sworn off love, yet full of life, she becomes a rebel and finds what she was trying to avoid .... THE EMPEROR—Knows his fate is unavoidable, his destruction imminent .... Follow Luke and his stalwart companions on adventures from the familiar Mos Eisley cantina to the jungles of a savage world, from a pirate's cruise ship to an Imperial star Destroyer, and finally into the heart of the Empire itself, where an awesome occurrence reveals to a chosen few the secrets of the galaxy .... THIS ZINE CONTAINS MATURE SITUATIONS AND DIALOGUE—Judge for yourself whether or not you're mature. $5.00 to reserve a copy, plus SASE for final price notification. Approx. 200 pages. We are searching for high-quality art to illustrate this immense tome. Approx. 25 illoes required. Contact the ATS eds."
  • The Raconteur (1988, gen, multifandom and original fiction, see flyer above)
  • Radio Tubes and So Forth (1983, Star Trek: TOS, "Calling all authors, artists, etc. We are looking for good Star Trek stories (Absolutely no K/S or explicit adult), poetry, artwork (dark pencil or black ink only - A4 maximum for a genzine titled "Radio Tubes and So Forth. Please contact ISS Publications, Fran Ball & Sue Toher.")
  • Raving Reviews (1985, "A new mini zine, dedicated to views, previews, and ads of future or zines. Wanted submission of ads for the first issue. Also, reviews!" Totally TV Press)
  • A Ray of Hope (1980, Star Wars, to have been published by the Duncan sisters, canceled in 1981 when they gafiated, see has become increasingly clear to us that we cannot continue publishing a fanzine for a movie in which we find so little to recommend, also see flyer above )
  • Rayelle Roe Collected (Dotty Barry proposed this zine for Rayelle Roe's works in 1984)
  • Rebel, Rebel (Robert Grieco, 1993, Bill Hupe)
  • Rebel Star (1995, Star Wars, Mary Curran-Carter, Peregrine's Lair Press)
  • The Rebellious Reader (1980, Star Wars, "The Alliance Press and Tammy Gibbs announce THE REBELLIOUS READER, a newspaper for SW people, not limited to SW material. Send stories, editorials, "news" stories, classified ads, poetry, art, and photographs," out of Durango, CO, 81301.)
  • Reflections (Star Trek: TOS, 1985, gen or het anthology of Mirror Universe stories, to have been published by Orion Press)
  • Reni (1981, Star Wars, to have been published by Allies for Star Trek, "When Lando Calrissian fled Bespin, he left behind a sister. Bent on revenge, Reni swears to get even with Lando for leaving her to handle the Empire, and she's not above dealing with Darth Vader to accomplish it!")
  • Rerun Round-Up (1975, multifandom, editor was Donna Chisholm, "The first issue an all new adventure zine is ready! Stories based on all your favorite shows from days gone by, with more to come in issue two (Date indefinite.) Number one only needs printing and will be sent out as soon as subscribers start pouring in with orders... With stories on It takes a Thief, Star Trek, Alias Smith and Jones, SWAT, The Persuaders, UFO, Wild Wild West, The Champions, Planet of the Apes, The Man from UNCLE, The Avengers, The Streets of San Fransisco, Harry O, Robin Hood, Starsky and Hutch and more, how can you miss? Not all in issue number one.")
  • Return the Day (ST death stories) ("A new K/S with an old idea. Remember the classic days of K/S? Remember all that hurt and comfort and death? Well, here's your chance to return to the good old days.")
  • Return to Collinwood (1994, Dark Shadows, "A new DS fanzine focusing on the 1991 show. We are now accepting anything on the 1991 show: fiction, poetry, B&W art, articles, news, reviews, etc. (Of particular interest is a review of Innovation's DS comic book series).")
  • The Returning (Star Trek: TOS, "a post ST:WK story in which MacShannon returns to the Enterprise only to make ready her Woleyn craft, the Bivefi, for a trip back to Genesis, or what was once the Mutara Nebula. She will not be making the trip alone. Tentative publication date is late '83," part of the MacShannon Universe)
  • Rev. Trask (1989, Dark Shadows, het and gen anthology with a Reverand Trask focus, "Baker Street Productions," see flyer image)
  • Ridin' Out the Storm (1995, slash, Miami Vice, Otter Limits Press, by Robyn LaSalle and Tosya Stohn, illustrated by KOZ, "In this tense, digest-sized novella, Sonny's return to Miami coincides with the arrive of Hurricane Andrew.")
  • Ring of Onyx (1981, Dark Shadows, gen/het novel)
  • Rivers in Time (Star Trek: TOS, 1985, time travel fiction, edited by Tim Farley and Randall Landers)
  • Road to Damascus (see image on this page) (1990, fiction by Anne Elizabeth Zeek & Deborah June Laymon, "featuring the "Apocalypse" universe, a self-contained universe based on the first season of War of the Worlds" and in 1991: "As currently projected, ROAD TO DAMASCUS will be produced in three volumes: "The Fourth Horseman", "Apocalypse", and "The New Jerusalum". Each volume is comprised of a number of interlocking poems, short stories, and novellas that are independent and self-contained, but form a cohesive whole known as "the Apocalypse Universe". This universe picks up at the end of "Prodigal Son", intertwines through the remaining episodes of first season, then (while taking into account Mancuso's season) offers an alternative second season (in which both Ironhorse and Norton survive) and, perhaps, a possible third or even fourth season, considering how many stories have already been plotted out. For further information regarding availability (projected availability: Mostly Eastly Con IV in January.")
  • Robin and Marian (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "Looking for stories, poetry, filks, art. Should deal with some aspect of Robin and Marian's relationship, but should be kept on a PG-13 level or tamer," by Amy Hull and Paula Sanders, and again in 1993 by Bill Hupe)
  • Robin in the Hood (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "Looking for stories, poetry, filks, and art. This zine is to involve any character, event, what if story, explanation of existing material or whatever from any time before, during or after ROBIN OF SHERWOOD and should be kept at a PG-13 level or tamer—no "/" please," by Amy Hull and Paula Sanders)
  • Rolling Thunder (Road Warrior - focuses on vehicular conflict)
  • Romulan Ale (Star Trek: TOS, "This zine is devoted to the Romulan Commander in 'Balance of Terror' and set in an alternate universe where he does not destroy his ship and die, features the novel "The Dishonored One," art and graphics by Summers and Bookman," 1983)
  • The Rugby Druids' Songbook (1982, "A collection of some of the fastest, funniest filksongs to come down the pike since the dawn of plagiarism. Topics: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Superman, Galactica, Logan's Run, Lord of the Rings, The Prisoner, Space: 1999, Dracula, and much more. Short and funny definitely preferable to long and dull.")
  • Russian Roulette (a zine about Russians in the media -- Chekov, Colossus of the X-Men, Illya..., gen)
  • Russian Roulette (A gen Chekov-centered fiction zine, Stargazer Press, 1981)