Phantom of the Opera

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Name: The Phantom of the Opera
Abbreviation(s): PotO
Creator: Gaston Leroux
Date(s): 1909/10 (serialized novel), 1925 (silent film), 1986 (Webber musical)
Medium: book, radio, plays, tv, film, comic, musicals
Country of Origin: France, many others
External Links: Wikipedia on the book, Wikipedia on adaptations, Wikipedia on the 1925 silent film, Wikipedia on the Webber musical, Wikipedia on Phantom novel
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The Phantom of the Opera is a French novel, Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, which also has been adapted many, many times in different media, i.e. for radio, theatre, musicals, television, film, comics as well as rewritten and expanded in other book versions. Well known among these are the 1925 film, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical version from 1986, and Susan Kay's novel Phantom from 1990.


Some other fandoms have published crossovers with Phantom of the Opera, for example Batman, in Batman: Masque (1997) by Mike Grell, also The Simpsons in several episodes feature the Phantom. The MacGyver episode Cleo Rocks is pretty much a fusion, with Murdoc as the Phantom. In particular in comic-form crossovers and fusions are popular, so that there are, besides plain adaptations, several crosses, e.g. Tarzan/Phantom of the Opera comic, also a Sherlock Holmes/Phantom of the Opera comic (there are also novel crossovers), a fusion with Donald Duck (The Phantom of Notre Duck, 1965) and so on. There is also a Discworld parody of it.


  • PFN's Morbidity Contest

After the musical, and shortly after its adaptation movie in 2004, Phantom's fans began filling the Internet with Fanfic fluffy, giving almost forgotten other earlier versions.

While Gaston's original book: Erik's described as mentally unstable; in ALW's version he's totally out of character. Approximately in 2000* a user of known as "The Scorpion" (or "Siren of Averne") organized the first contest of morbid works to expand the dark and morbid works inside fandom.

Calling it: The Phantom of the Opera Morbidity Writing Contests

today are more than 1 contest Click to read their stories:

Besides being a great success also achieving his goal: to revive the interest of fans. Currently, The scorpion has disappeared from; but still having morbidly contests. There also features a community called: Dark Phic full of other works also of the morbid gender

  • The Mort Rouge Contest


The most popular het pairings in the fandom are Erik/Christine and the canon couple Raoul/Christine. Other, less common pairings include Raoul/Meg and Erik/Meg.

M/M or Yaoi pairings include Erik/Raoul and Erik/Nadir Khan.

Femslash or Yuri pairings include Christine/Meg.

On the AO3, more recent than and tilted more toward slash, the most popular ships are:[1]


  • Erik/Christine (938)**
  • Raoul/Christine (368)**
  • Raoul/Erik (214)**
  • Erik/The Persian | Nadir Khan (89)
  • Erik/OFC (68)
  • Erik/Meg (49)
  • Christine/Raoul/Erik (42)
  • Christine/Meg (37)

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