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Name: Lindsay Ellis
Also Known As: The Nostalgia Chick
Occupation: video essayist, media and film critic
Medium: Youtube video essays
Works: The A-Word, The Nostalgia Critic, It's Lit, The Whole Plate (essay series)
Official Website(s): Youtube Channel,
Fan Website(s):
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Lindsay Ellis started making videos in 2008 as The Nostalgia Chick, the female counterpart to Channel Awesome's The Nostalgia Critic. In 2014, she left Channel Awesome to focus on her own channel, where she makes more serious longform video essays on film analysis. Many of her most popular videos involve her critique of Disney films.

The Nostalgia Chick

The Nostalgia Chick was a character Lindsay played as part of the larger 'universe' of Channel Awesome/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses characters. Lindsay became the Nostalgia Chick in 2008 after 'winning' a talent search run by Doug Walker.[1] As the Nostalgia Critic's counterpoint, her videos were of a similar comedic vein, though (originally) about media specifically targeted at a female audience. Like The Nostalgia Critic, she had a catchphrase ("I remember it because the dudes don't"), ongoing gags, and interactions with the other characters on the channel. Her first review was Pocahontas,[2] a movie she revisits on her own channel nearly a decade later[3] in a way that showcases the differences between her critique styles then and now.

As time went on, The Nostalgia Chick stopped reviewing purely girl-targeted nostalgic media, and started branching out. This branching out eventually lead to her leaving Channel Awesome and her work as The Nostalgia Chick in 2014.[4]

Eponymous Work

In 2014, Lindsay left Channel Awesome to focus on her own content,[4] and because she felt the Nostalgia Critic 'brand' was not one she felt comfortable with anymore. She started posting videos to her own channel, and with her own creative freedom. Her eponymous work involves longer videos with a more serious (though often still dry) tone. She often touches on films within the context of history or as part of a larger movement; for example, Disney films as part of the corporation of Disney itself[5], Transformers as it relates to Marxism[6] or The Hobbit films and their impact on Australian politics[7].

Other Work

Outside of her own channel, she also hosts a literature-specific review series It's Lit! with PBS[8].

Beyond video essays, she's also been involved with other non-critique projects. She created and directed a documentary short called The A-Word (occasionally stylized 'The Ayy Word') that followed her personal journey in getting an abortion and the stigma of abortions in general[9]. Along with her friends Elisa Hansen and Antonella Serra, and under the portmanteau/pen-name Serra Elinsen, she helped write Awoken, a monster romance parody about H.P. Lovecraft's classic monster Cthulhu.[10] The process of conceiving, writing and selling it is chronicled at the Booze Your Own Adventure Youtube series.

Involvement with #ChangeTheChannel

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In 2018, current and former members of Channel Awesome, including Lindsay Ellis, published a large document detailing various corporate issues including sexual harassment, sexism, improper labor practices, layoffs of sick and injured employees and endangerment of co-workers, among other things.[11] This document and the ensuing events were later named after the hashtag ChangeTheChannel, which was sparked by the revelations therein.

Fan Responses

Criticism of Lindsay Ellis ranges from sexist commentary to feminist critique. [12]

I think she got fucked over by being called The Nostalgia Chick (or giving herself that name? Not sure who did), making everyone expect a female Doug. But I don't think that was ever how she was trying to sell herself. Her initial review was a lot more about the subject's content and historical relevance than bad filmmaking. I mean, she led with Pocahontas - you kind of had to infer from the get-go that she was, as the kids today say, an "SJW."

I think trying to brand her as a female Doug screwed her over from the very beginning - it attracted the wrong audience for her and, of course, a lot of fucking assholes. Honestly I think a lot of people turned up because they thought she was hot, and stuck around as long as she was doing more frivolous videos (although again they often were fairly serious despite the comedic bits), but once she started getting ideas and thinking...

She might've been better off if they'd retired the Chick character after her videos stopped being about nostalgia and became more serious, but I'm guessing that was out of her control, and the internet being what it is, who knows if that would even have helped.[13]

Lindsay herself has critiqued her own older work as The Nostalgia Chick, calling it "too nitpicky" and part of an unfortunate trend of online media criticism.[14]


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