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Name: That Guy With The Glasses, Channel Awesome, achannelthatsawesome
Abbreviation(s): TGWTG
Creator: Variable depending on the show, most prominent include Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Lindsay Ellis, Lewis Lovhaug and Brad Jones.
Date(s): 2007 - ongoing
Medium: Webshow
Country of Origin: US
External Links: Youtube
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History (2007-2014)

Channel Awesome started as That Guy With The Glasses, a website hosting various webshows, usually video reviews. It is by far best known for the Nostalgia Critic. In addition, most of the reviewers exist in the same continuity, colloquially known as the 'awesomeverse', which boasts the existence of-among other things-magic, incredibly advanced technology, and intersections of the two. Many series which are in essence just review shows have grown to have their own plot arcs (the most extensive of which is Linkara's Atop The Fourth Wall) along with reviewers frequently starring in each other's videos.

There have also been anniversary events for the site usually taking the form of a move, these have been the TGWTG Year 1 Brawl, Kickassia, Suburban Knights, To Boldly Flee and The Uncanny Valley.

Most notable members/shows

  • The Nostalgia Critic: Doug Walker's first series. Initially a show for reviews of media from the 80s to 2000, but eventually expanded to include more recent media and occasional editorials on topics such as superheroes, Disney Princesses, and the merits of recent cartoon series.
  • Atop The 4th Wall: Linkara's show, in which he reviews comic books. This one is hugely popular and has had the biggest story arc out of all the shows on the site.
  • The Cinema Snob: Brad Jones's main series, wherein he reviews porn and exploitation films. Recently, though, he has branched out to obscure and overall "weird" movies, recent flops, and themed months in which he takes on films of a certain type (musicals, movies considered the worst). Is known for his excellent speaking voice.

Former shows

  • The Nostalgia Chick: Originally meant to be a female counterpart to the Nostalgia Critic who specialized in reviewing girls' media, Lindsay Ellis retooled her show to discuss animation from earlier eras along with giving more serious and detailed reviews of "girly" nostalgia and various movies.


The biggest TGWTG community, The Secret Treehouse, was established by Emeriin, Bubosquared and Aunt_Zelda in October 2009, and has remained the most prominent location for fandom ever since, although TGWTG also has a prominent following on tumblr, due in part to the blog TGWTG secrets, a single-fandom version of Fandomsecrets.


According to a post by Emeriin, the biggest tropes in TGWTG fanworks are Fem!Dom, Alternate Universes, Whump/woobies, and writing characters as 'evil' for fanservice. The fandom produces a lot of AUs which contain multiple fics, often by different authors; the most prominent of these include the Hookerverse, The Denny's Court and TGWTG in space.