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Synonyms: Whumping, Wump, Trash, Bonk, Get 'em
Related: Character Bashing
See Also: Angst, Darkfic, Hurt/Comfort, Smarm, Suffer Beautifully, Rapefic, Torture, Woobie
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The term whumping (or whump) refers to a form of H/C that is heavy on the hurt and often focuses on gen stories; it is similar to Muldertorture in X-Files fandom, and other character torture stories. The roughly equivalent term in classic Trek zine fandom was Get 'em or Get, though that term has been less used recently. Star Wars fandom, and others, also used the word "trash" in a similar way.

Whumping sometimes gets confused with character bashing but while character bashing is motivated by hatred of the character being bashed, whumping implies that the character being hurt is a favorite. Also the "bashing" in "character bashing" does not literally refer to injury to the character in the narrative as whumping does, but to injuring the characterization to express the character hate, e.g. by depicting the character as a terrible person. Futhermore, whumping (at least in the way it was used in the Stargate SG-1 H/C list) was meant to indicate a character who was in jeopardy, or hurt (either psychologically or physically), and then other characters comforted. Hence the term H/C or hurt/comfort fics was often used as as an interchangeable descriptor tag for "whumping" fics.

Many early fanworks from the UK use the term bonk.

Origin of the Term: SG-1 Fandom

webring banner of the Daniel Jackson Whumping Society

Whump as term was coined in Stargate SG-1 fandom[1] as Danny Whumping[2][3][4]you for a wonderful Pros Newszine. where it is a fandom specific expression for the practice of physically and psychologically abusing one's favorite character in fanfiction and then offering them comfort. Daniel was the character a lot of fans loved most, which means he was the one they loved to hurt the most and then have comforted by another character [a fan favorite was Jack O'Neill].. Danny whumping was extremely popular, especially in gen fiction. There is a Daniel Jackson Whumping Society[5] and the Whumpalicious Archaeologist[6] page is dedicated to Danny whumping fanfic and vids. For a list of Danny whumping recs see lorien_79's Daniel whump FF-List.[7]

One fan's response to the question of what makes Daniel so whumpable sheds some light on the popularity of whumping as a gen kink: "Because it's so damn sexy. Watching Daniel get beat up, crying, screaming, I love all of it. It gives me tingles and makes me grin madly."[8] By now the term whumping has spread to several other fandoms that like to hurt their woobies.

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  • "McKay Whumping. Because I'm only happy when he's miserable." + "I love to see Rodney in pain, I really do. I'm not even sorry." [9]

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