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Name: Eildon Rhymer
Alias(es): rhymer23, Pellinor, ladyofastolat, Elspeth
Type: writer
Fandoms: The X-Files, The Dark is Rising, Diana Wynne Jones, Magnificent Seven, Star Wars, Robin Hood, Primeval, The Queen's Thief, Stargate Atlantis, The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://www.rhymer.org.uk/ (Assorted Fanfic by Me) (defunct)
http://rhymer23.livejournal.com/ (LJ) FanFiction.Net Archive of Our Own
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Eildon Rhymer is a fic writer perhaps best known for her Stargate Atlantis stories. She is also well known within The Dark is Rising community.

Self-Description: 1998

From an X-Files Usenet post:

I write fanfic between working on Deep Background, my website, reading children's books, and playing far too much Tetris. I write Angst with a capital A, and have a bad habit of making my readers curl up into whimpering ball, begging for happy sequels that never come. Most of my stories come from a desire to explore facets of Mulder's character, though I try to give Scully a prominent role in them, and often use her viewpoint. I am adamantly on neither side in the shipper/non-shipper divide, and have written both, though my MSR stories are _never_ wine and roses happy romances. Oh, and I've also written parodies, satires of my own writing, and stories in the strange and so-called "impossible" genre of Angst-Humour.

I am also have this little problem with brevity, as you can see... [1]

Self-Description: 2007

See Fandom, the two-headed god.

Stargate Atlantis

Eildon Rhymer was active and very prolific in this fandom from 2007 - 2010. She wrote many humor and whump stories as well as novel-length AUs, all of them gen. She illustrated several of her stories herself.


Dark is Rising

Eildon Rhymer was a prolific author in The Dark is Rising fandom in 2005-2007. She compiled The Dark is Rising: A Fanfic Writer's Guide in 2006.


The X-Files

The Lord of the Rings

Eildon Rhymer was active in The Lord of the Rings fandom from 2013 to 2016. She wrote at least 35 stories, mostly one-shots and primarily featuring Aragorn.

Other Fandoms

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