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Name: Primeval
Creator: Tim Haines, Adrian Hodges
Date(s): 2007 - 2011
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: IMDB listing, Wikipedia entry
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Primeval is a British science fiction drama television program that follows a team of scientists tasked with investigating the appearance of temporal anomalies that allows prehistoric and futuristic creatures enter the present.

A Canadian spin-off, titled Primeval: New World premiered October 29, 2012 starring Niall Matter and Sara Canning. It only lasted one season before being cancelled.

Canon Overview

Anomalies in spacetime allow dinosaurs and other creatures to end up in modern-day England. A team of various intelligent and pretty people has to put the creatures back through the anomalies before they can wreak too much havoc or change the timeline.

Main Characters

A quick overview of the main characters. For more information, see the List of Primeval Characters on Wikipedia.

  • Professor Nick Cutter
  • Connor Temple
  • Stephen Hart
  • Abby Maitland
  • Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis
  • James Lester
  • Helen Cutter
  • Captain Becker
  • Jess Parker
  • Sarah Page
  • Matt Anderson
  • Danny Quinn



Popular pairings for this fandom are Abby/Connor and Nick/Claudia (which later became Nick/Jenny due to the past changing and altering the world slightly), a popular slash ship is Nick/Stephen. Other pairings are pretty common such as Stephen/Abby, Stephen/Helen, Becker/Jess, and Helen/Nick.


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