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You may be looking for the glossary term: Fanosaur.

Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)prehistoric creatures
Related tropes/genresHistorical AUs, Animals in Fanworks, dragons, paleontology RPF
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Stories and art containing dinosaurs may be created in fandoms in which the existence of dinosaurs are canonically shown to still be alive (such as Jurassic Park). Alternatively, dinosaurs can be added to canon sources lacking dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures in general (such as Supernatural). This is usually done by fusions, crossovers, time travel or AUs, and can be taken seriously or as crackfic. Some fans have even seen it as a challenge to introduce dinosaurs into as many fandoms as possible.[1]

Fandoms with Living Dinosaurs

The below is a list of canon fandoms that have dinosaurs still alive.

Note: What constitutes inclusion on this list may vary among fans. In some instances, people and dinosaurs co-exist because of a time travel mechanism.

Fandoms with Other Dinosaur Content


There is also a little fannish interest in 19th century paleontologists, both real and fictional, including:

  • the intense rivalry between Americans Edward Cope & O.C. Marsh, based on the documentary Dinosaur Wars
  • English paleontologist Mary Anning and her cross-class friendship with Elizabeth Philpot
  • Friends' Ross Gellar was likely the most famous and popular paleontologist ever on television, and he was only shown at work on select occasions.

Notable Fanworks

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