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Name: TV Tropes
Dates: 2004(?)-present
Type: wiki
Fandom: multi-fandom
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TV Tropes is a wiki dedicated to cataloging common (and uncommon) tropes in fiction, with extensive examples from thousands of series, listed (and occasionally argued over) by fans. While the site began as a collection of tropes in television shows, it has expanded over time to include examples from all varieties of media, including TV shows, movies, anime and manga, written literature, commercials, video games, web comics, fanfic, and real life.

An earlier version of the site was linked on Metafilter on March 11, 2004 (accessed 1/2009); that version is viewable on the Internet Archive. According to one commenter, it was started by Buffy and TWoP fans.[1]

An emerging convention is that one should not link to a TVTropes page without warning, since a reader clicking unawares may be sucked into a wikiloop by the site's addictive nature.[2] [3]


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  2. For example, comment by thefourthvine: "Warning: cherry_ice and I have determined that TVTropes is a black hole. If you click on this link, there is a chance you will never escape from the website. Leave a message for your loved ones before you click. Also it's a good idea to pack a lunch." in Woobies Wanted post, 27 Feb 2010. (accessed 03/2010)
  3. xkcd also references the TV Tropes time sink phenomenon here.