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Tropes and genres
Related tropes/genresAnimal Transformation, Werewolf, Kemonomimi, Knotting, Bestiality
See alsoAlpine, Cats, Penguinfic, Lolcat in Fandom, Unicorn, Dragon
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For the fandom focusing on anthropomorphic animals see Furry.

Animals appear in fanworks under a variety of circumstances:

  1. Animals, usually pets, who are characters in canon
  2. A human character who is transformed into an animal
  3. A species, real or fictional, that is mentioned in canon (e.g. a polar bear or sehlat)
  4. The soul or essence of one or more humans being represented as having the form of an animal, usually as a spirit animal (in The Sentinel, a panther and a wolf), or in fanworks for the His Dark Materials series, in the form of a dæmon
  5. Animals who do not appear in canon

Popular Animals

Some species are especially popular:

Fantastic Creatures

Some fantasy canons (Harry Potter, Xena, Merlin, The Last Unicorn, etc.) include mythological creatures as major or minor aspects of the story. These creatures can also be inserted into fanworks for non-fantasy canons.

Examples in Fanworks




In media zine art, non-canonical animals were often paired with a character who may or may not have been wearing clothes. See also Teddy Bears for examples of male television characters holding teddy bears.



Art depicting anthropomorphized animals is a major aspect of furry fandom. See Category:Furry for examples.

Human Characters with Animal Traits

In certain fandoms, a genre of fanworks that gives otherwise normal humans certain animal traits is fairly common. Kemonomimi (characters with cat ears and usually a tail as well) are popular in anime/manga fandom canon and fanworks. Canine-type knotting and/or Alpha/Beta/Omega fic is popular in certain fandoms, and feline-type barbed penises in others.