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Name: Alpine
Relationships: Bucky Barnes
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Other: Cats
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Alpine is a white tomcat [1] adopted by Bucky Barnes in Marvel Comics (Earth-616) who first appeared in the comic book Winter Soldier (Vol. 2) #1 [2] in 2018. He is probably an Angora cat.[3]


Alpine became popular with fans as soon as Kyle Higgins, one of the creators of the character, announced him on Twitter in 2018.[4] In comments, fanworks, and meta, fans sometimes refer to Alpine by female pronouns.

The microfandom gained followers after the tv show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was officially announced in April 2019 and some fans started asking for the cat to be included in the series:

If Alpine isn’t in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, I will riot. Bucky Barnes deserves to have his cat.[5]

Other fans are hoping that Alpine might play a part in the upcoming fourth Captain America film:

Cap 4 should start with bucky gently nudging alpine to climb a tree branch while calling the captain america hotline like “i need a superhero my cat is stuck up a tree” and torres responding with “mr. barnes this is the third time this week”[6]


In She's gonna have kittens!, Archived version, fan writer Alistra ships Alpine with Natasha Romanova's cat Liho (2020).






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