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Synonyms: Hamster Zemo
See also: Nebulous Zemo Parole Universe
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Zeemster is a term used in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier fandom to refer to Helmut Zemo as a hamster.


Fans started describing Helmut Zemo (portrayed by Daniel Brühl) as a hamster because he had soft round chubby cheeks that resembled those of a hamster. Aside from his cheeks, fans also noted the amount of times Zemo was randomly eating something in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series and his tiny body size compared to Bucky Barnes.[1]

On the 4th of November 2021, the term "Zeemster" was first used by a fan to comment on Zemo's resemblance to a hamster.[1] Only by August 2022 was it used to refer to him in actual hamster form.[2]

In November 2023, "Hamster Helmut Zemo" became a canonical AO3 tag with "Zeemster - Freeform" as one of the synonymous tags. "Zeemster" as character tag became synonymous with "Helmut Zemo" tag.

Notable Fanworks




Zeemstember 2023

Zeemstember 2023 is a prompt-based event focused on Helmut Zemo as a hamster trope. It was founded and moderated by Sparcina.

Zeemstember is a prompt-based event that officially lasts from September 1 to September 30 and welcomes writers and artists alike. It's a portmanteau word for 'Hamster Helmut Zemo September'. Each work you create for this event must contain two things: at least one prompt from the list and Zeemster (hamster Zemo). Beyond that, go wild: include your favorite characters, tropes, etc. Your work can be gen (&) or ship (/). (Bucky is optional - he only appears a lot in the prompt list because this event was born in the Winterbaron community.)

Zeemstember FAQ[3]

Zeemstember 2023 was over with around 80,000 words of fanfictions and several art pieces. The fanworks are listed below:






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