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Domestic Avengers is a fan-driven Marvel remix in which characters from The Avengers live together, are in relationships with each other and/or have children together. Domestic Avengers is extremely popular on tumblr. Many of the fanworks in the Domestic Avengers fandom have to do with specific pairings; however, there are a good deal of gen fanworks as well. Fans tend to use the Marvel Cinematic Universe as their source text, though other characters from the Marvel canon feature as well.

Extravagant Tony

A common theme of many of these stories is Tony Stark's extravagance in accommodating the Avengers; for example, he is often depicted as allocating a floor of his New York tower for each Avenger to live on. Since the tower is based on New York's Metlife building, which has office space renting at around $35 per square foot, and each floor is around 5,000 sq. ft., this would cost Stark Industries roughly $175000 per Avenger per year, plus hefty initial costs for converting office space to residential use, which might be a cause for shareholder concern. For comparison, average New York apartment size is around 866 sq.ft.



Superfamily is a sub-fandom in which Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are married, partners, or boyfriends who have adopted and raised Peter Parker as their son. Attached to this term is Superhusbands, a ship which refers to the Steve/Tony pairing. Superfamily fanworks often include other characters from the Marvel universe, such as "Aunt" Natasha Romanoff or "Uncle" Thor. Superfamily is arguably the most popular domestic scenario in the Domestic Avengers tumblr fandom and garners the most activity on tumblr.

Fanworks on Tumblr that fall under the Superfamily pairing are largely gif sets and fanart, although fanfiction and roleplaying are becoming more popular as well.


In the Domestic Avengers fandom, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanova is another pairing which frequently features the two as married or in a partnership with children. Unlike Superfamily, Clint and Natasha do not have a consistent canon character in the Marvel universe who acts as their child. Because of this, their child is often an original character. Gif sets on Tumblr for the Romanoff-Barton family tend to take scenes from non-Marvel movies in which Scarlett Johansson or Jeremy Renner interact with children[1]

A popular crossover posits that Merida from Disney's Brave is the secret child of Clint and Natasha. This fanon crossover is inspired by Merida's curly red hair and superior archery skills.[2][3]

Other Domestic Avengers Pairings

Gif sets, fan art, and fanfiction have been made about various pairings. Other popular family pairings include Bruce/Natasha and Phil/Nick, the latter of which plays with the idea that all six Avengers are their children.[4] All the six original Avengers may be paired together to form an OT6.

Gen Domestic Avengers

Not all fanworks that fall under the Domestic Avenger fandom contain (or are centered around) a particular pairing. Many fanworks are simply based on the premise that The Avengers live together. These typically have more fluff and bantering than the romantic Domestic Avengers fanfics.


Stories in which the domestic situation involves crossover characters are reasonably common; the most common trope is adoption of Harry Potter by one or another of the Avengers, or the discovery that he is the long-lost son of Tony Stark or another Avenger.

Notable Fanworks


Characters include but are not limited to Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Darcy Lewis, Wade Wilson and Gwen Stacy.


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