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Mook derives from X-Men comicverse fandom: "No relation to the original gangster slang-word for "tough guy" -- "mook" (or "mooky") describes close loving relationships that are Just Plain Cuuuute. The characters involved in said relationships are called "mooks." Mook stories may or may not involve actual sex, and often don't -- the only criteria is that the characters involved be sweet, romantic, and totally in love. As one expert put it, "Angst is allowed, but tragic or otherwise dark stories are not mook." Note: Mook in comic fic is often (yes, yes, not always) associated with slash."

Also, "Characters involved in a mooky relationship. The originals were Kaylee's OC "Gem Twins," Jack & Zach. When fans refer to "the mooks," however, they are generally referring to some other currently popular duo -- if you aren't up on the latest gossip in the world of mookiness, you'd have to ask to find out."

Mooky: "The state/action of being cute-romantic-awww towards a love interest, especially (but not always) if said love interest is the same gender." [1]

Mook fics were archived at Mooksville, Earth.[2]


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