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Synonyms: HHJJ (Happy Happy, Joy Joy)
See also: fluff, TAFF, Cuddlefic
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WAFF is an acronym for Warm and Fluffy Feelings, sometimes also Warm and Fuzzy Feelings. It's used in some parts of the fanfiction community to refer to stories which are intended to give the reader an emotionally nice, good feeling, often using romantic lines and sensitive tone.

Examples of Use

  • "If you want cuddlefic, this is the place to get it. The dearth of H/W in general makes a 'zine this large a rare and happy surprise. The WAFFish, sex-focused style is also different from what you will find in most online fic." [1]
  • "I love Jeanine for her short, fluffy WAFFiness, which can take normal couples or, more often, completely UC couples, from almost any fandom and make them real and poignant." [2]
  • "I'm still a hopeless romantic, and will always love those WAFFy stories.or at least the stories that have some great WAFF in them. :)" [3]


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