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Synonyms: WAFF (Warm and Fuzzy/Fluffy Feelings), HHJJ (Happy Happy Joy Joy), happyfic
Related: PWP, schmoop, TAFF, sillyfic, Tissue Warning
See Also: angst, comfortfic
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(n.) Fanfic without angst; any pleasant, feel-good story. Fluff may lack plot; however, unlike a PWP the focus is not sex, but displays of affection between two or more characters, whether their relationship is romantic or not. It may also indicate a mood piece with warm, uplifting descriptions, such as this narrative about the music of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

(adj.) Fluffy. Also used as adjective to modify another genre to indicate a sweet and happy story, e.g. "a fluffy PWP" for a sweet or mushy PWP, or even to qualify darker genres, e.g. TAFF or "fluffy angst" (sometimes combined into "flangst").[1]

Some fans describe their own fluff as "so sweet it'll give you cavities."


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