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Name: Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak
Occupation: Limo Driver, Risk Analyst
Relationships: Sonia Kaspbrak (mother), Myra Kaspbrak (wife)
Fandom: IT
Other: Played by Dennis Christopher, Adam Faraizl, Jack Dylan Grazer, & James Ransone
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Eddie Kaspbrak is one of the protagonists of IT.


Eddie is an integral part of the seven group of friends known as The Losers Club. He helps to fight Pennywise in both battles the friends have against it.

He, like the others, experienced bullying and torment from Henry Bowers and the Bowers Gang as both a child and adult. His most tumultuous relationship, though, was with that of his mother. Sonia Kaspbrak was a single mother after his father, Frank Kaspbrak departed. She is believed to have suffered from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, having convinced Eddie that he was ill and incapable of certain physical feats. Going even so far as to give him a fake aspirator for asthma which he did not have. Though he did get away from his mother, technically, when he grew up, he ended up marrying Myra Kaspbrak - a physically reminiscent, and similarly manipulative woman.


Eddie's fan content prior to the release of the 2017 film was minimal. However, the fan content that had previously existed, or came to be early on after, usually gave a fairly balanced representation of Eddie. Fans took both the soft, and rougher edges of his characterization and melded them into one. As the fandom grew, Eddie's fanon self tended to curve softer, and then harsher again after the 2019 film's release. There is much discourse surrounding his characterization within the fandom, but most fans will agree that he is multi-faceted even if they prefer reading or writing Eddie in certain lights over others, be he angry and strong, or sweet and dependent.

Psychosomatic Issues & Mental Illness: Eddie's canon trauma and psychosomatic symptoms are semi-frequently mentioned in Fanfiction, however are not usually a key component.


Common Tropes

Amputee Eddie Kaspbrak

Blond Eddie

Blond Eddie is a trope within the IT fandom. Although the 1990s miniseries did canonically feature a blond Eddie Kaspbrak, most fanworks emerged after the 2017 film, therefore heavily featuring a brunette Eddie. Then, in ebbs and flows, the fandom began to mix representations, drawing art and writing Eddie with blond hair, typically as a one-off.

Caretaker Eddie Kaspbrak

Dr. K is a trope that stems from Chapter One of the IT movies, wherein Richie Tozier calls Eddie Kaspbrak 'Dr. K' while he is patching up Ben Hanscom's wounds. This page covers both instances of Eddie applying medical care to others, or being called 'Dr. K.'

Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack

In IT, Eddie Kaspbrak sports a fannypack that carries his vitamins, other 'medicine' and daily essentials. He even mentions owning a second one which holds other semi-essentials. It became popular to draw him with his fannypack on, and to mention it within fanfiction too.

Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts

Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts is a trope within the IT fandom. In the 2017 film, Eddie Kaspbrak wore short red shorts, and then in the 2019 film, short blue shorts. The red shorts feature heavily throughout the fandom's fanworks, but there are many variations. Eddie wearing short shorts is common, no matter the color.

Gay Eddie Kaspbrak


Ask Blogs


Makes Two of Us, Archived version by BrittleLimbsFandom: ITDate: 2018-02-12Length: 2,172Medium: FanfictionStatus: CompleteGenre: Anal Sex, Cock Warming, Cock Worship, Bottom Eddie Kaspbrak, Established Relationship, High School AU, Magical Healing Cock, Pining, Size Difference, Top Richie Tozier
(CW: Anxiety Disorder, Asthma) "Eddie Kaspbrak misses his boyfriend." Originally titled And the Livings Easy. This work explores Eddie's his persisting psychosomatic symptoms and related anxiety. It also features the trope Magical Healing Cock, as Richie replaces Eddie's 'inhaler' with his cock, through Cock Warming. When Richie leaves town, however, this leaves Eddie struggling again, so he is not actually 'healed.' (Reddie)
- what you managed to cram into just a 2k word fic is honestly amazing. Just all of the little details about how Eddie was coping with everything after the lies his mother told him, and just from the feeling of Richie managing to calm him down was touchingly sweet... - Redburn, Archived version



untitled, Archived version by LenfArtsFandom: ITDate: 17 September 2017Length: 540px × 540pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack
untitled, Archived version by LukaLunarFandom: ITDate: 26 December 2017Length: 400px × 240pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Bracelet, Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Horror
“will this help me, eddie?”
untitled, Archived version by Vincenzio-Art, formerly QuinnKimberlyFandom: ITDate: 06 October 2017Length: 500px × 761pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Horror
fun fact: every scene with Eddie or Pennywise was my favorite. A bit of fanart friday!
untitled, Archived version by The-Deadlights, formerly Sewer-DaddyFandom: ITDate: 15 October 2017Length: 511px × 810pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
G o T T A C A t CH ‘ E M a L L (& Pennywise, Richie Tozier)
untitled, Archived version by TaterDrawsFandom: ITDate: 23 October 2017Length: 478px × 810pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
so anon whatcha think, is eds cute in my art style?


untitled by Takiro-TKFandom: ITDate: 24 July 2018Length: 2Medium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
Eddie & Richie from movie “IT


untitled, Archived version by DidswFandom: ITDate: 27 April 2019Length: 540px × 540pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Bandage, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts
Backpack meme for the loser’s club! aka what i think these guys haul to school every day. I started this project last summer, did Eddie and Bev, Archived version, and then didn’t take it up again.
untitled, Archived version by TinyMintyWolfFandom: ITDate: 10 May 2019Length: 540px × 589pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack
today’s warmup drawing: a good lad
richie in 56 and/or eddie in 89?, Archived version by WhatIDoIsxSecretFandom: ITDate: 16 May 2019Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
I don’t know if there are rules againt blending, so I just did flat colors! I went with the Eddie prompt <3
untitled, Archived version by MoooCowBaby, formerly SterArtFandom: ITDate: 23 June 2019Length: 327px × 584pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts
i hate this dumb boy
untitled, Archived version by Goha-Corrugated-CardboardFandom: ITDate: 25 June 2019Length: 757px × 861pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
untitled, Archived version[21] by CrankyTitsFandom: ITDate: 11 September 2019Medium: FanartStatus: Complete
order up. here's a couple eddie spaghetti's, lads.
untitled, Archived version by AnabimeloFandom: ITDate: 05 November 2019Length: 500px × 493pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
(CW: Mention of Child Abuse) “I do this because I love you”. (& Sonia Kaspbrak)
untitled, Archived version by SpelacchiottoFandom: ITDate: 06 November 2019Length: 500px × 718pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
self care is walking up early to draw 1990!spagheddie

Date Published Unknown

untitled, Archived version by CuteCutcCuteFandom: ITDate: unknownLength: 380px × 810pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts
untitled, Archived version by EddieKabsprakFandom: ITDate: unknownLength: 500px × 520pxMedium: FanartStatus: Complete
great news. chapter 2 flashback eddie is very curly AND just as sweet


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untitled, Archived version by KimWexlersPonyTail, formerly DebraaaMorganFandom: ITDate: 29 November 2017Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon
Eddie felt that familiar tightening sensation as his throat began to close up to a pinhole. Not this time, dammit. He thought suddenly. Not if my friends need me.
untitled, Archived version by AramintascolinFandom: ITDate: 24 December 2017Length: 4Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon, Archetypes and Definitions
untitled, Archived version by Laufeysons, formerly WvattOleffFandom: ITDate: 28 September 2019Length: 9Medium: Animated GifStatus: CompleteGenre: Canon
it meme: [1/6] outfits → eddie’s red shorts + yellow christine shirt (feat. the Fanny Pack)


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