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Synonyms: Buttsecks
See also: Seme, Uke, Yaoi, Born to Bottom, I Want to See Your Face, Lubrication, Oral Sex, Prostate Introduction, Safe Sex and Fandom, Sex Position
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In fanworks, the term anal sex is usually reserved for penetrative sex involving a penis and an anus; rimming, pegging, object insertion and other sexual activities involving the ass/anal area usually get their own specific descriptors (and loving descriptions) and/or header information.

Anal sex is sometimes warned for in fic headers.

In many slash stories, anal sex is presented as "the ultimate" or the only "truly meaningful" sexual act between the characters being paired, with far less emotional or sexual-intimacy weight given to other sexual activities like blowjobs, frottage and handjobs, or any other kind of non-penetrative penis-in-genital-area-orifice sex.

The partner doing the penetrating in anal sex is known as the top, and the receptive partner as the bottom. Some fans have particular preferences for who bottoms and who tops in a pairing. Yaoi fandom uses seme for top and uke for bottom. The order of the names in a yaoi pairing indicates who tops; for example "Light x L" is not the same as "L x Light"! "L x Light x L" indicates that both characters take turns topping and bottoming in a fic, also known as "switching".

Concerns around the descriptions of anal sex—ranging from the florid to the formulaic[1]—in fanworks are noted in The Big List of Small Dogs.

Two fannish tropes are Prostate Introduction and I Want to See Your Face.

Fans' actual perspectives on anal sex and related activities, both in fic and reality, appear to vary widely.[2]

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