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Fan reaction to 4Kids decision to change Sanji's cigarettes for lollipops in One Piece. By KaeDD (2009)

According to Wikipedia, Censorship "is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information". Censorship can be carried out by the government or by private institutions.[1]

A common form of censorship is removing certain curse words from songs on the radio, or from movies shown on Television. Sometimes these words are replaced with more 'appropriate' terms, sometimes just taken out altogether. R-rated Films also see their more sexual scenes and imagery removed when aired, as well as Gore and intense Violence.

It can also mean entirely disallowing something from appearing, such as cigarette commercials on TV, which may also extend to substance use being edited out of aired shows, too.

Many forms of bias exist, which may lead disproportionately to censorship: religious beliefs, political beliefs/efforts, racism, and more.

Some may even consider the lack of diverse voices within Hollywood to be a form of censorship.

Censoring Canon: Fans Reactions

Parody comic to Haruka and Michiru's censorship attempt. By Chibi Jennifer (2012)

Censorship is often not well received. People react to censorship by expressing their criticism and discontent on social media, or by making memes or parody fanart.

In the Sailor Moon anime, where Haruka and Michiru are a canonical couple, the English dub changed their relationship to cousins. This generated lots of edits and memes, where people would screenshot them holding hands or looking tenderly at each other and caption it with "such good cousins!". Earlier in the series they had also changed Zoisite's gender to make Kunzoi het instead of gay.

Censoring Fandom

Incidents and patterns of censorship or attempted censorship of fans:

Example Fanworks

Meta/Further Reading


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