Tenou Haruka/Kaiou Michiru

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Pairing: Tenou Haruka/Kaiou Michiru
Alternative name(s): Haruka/Michiru, Uranus/Neptune
Gender category: yuri
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: common
Archives: Haruka And Michiru Are Lovers, (others?)
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Haruka/Michiru is a canon lesbian relationship in the Sailor Moon franchise. When Tenou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru first appear in each of the main media storylines (manga, anime, and live action), they are in an established relationship, which they maintain throughout each series.

As one of the few canonical lesbian relationships in a popular series from the 1990s, Haruka/Michiru remain a staple of yuri fans around the world.

Translation Controversies

Some translations of the Sailor Moon anime and manga erased the lesbian relationship between Haruka and Michiru. For example, the North American English dub made them cousins instead of lovers.

Not wanting to draw protests or risk losing sponsors, Cartoon Network and Cloveway Inc.’s handling of the show has understandably been rather conservative, trying its best to appease both parties. While the L-word has yet to be uttered by a single character, the gay subtext still exists. However, the two media outlets may have very well ended up shooting themselves in the foot. What could go down as one the most dubious moments of judgment in television history occurred in one of last week’s episodes, when in what appears to be an attempt to draw attention away from the character’s relationship, the two girls referred to each other as “cousins.”

It was an utterly surreal moment that I couldn’t help but respond with an chorus of laughter. In an attempt to avoid controversy, Cartoon Network and Cloveway took a sensitive issue and actually made it even more potentially offensive by inadvertently throwing in a suggestion of incest.

However I suppose one can’t really blame Cartoon Network for trying to find a happy medium between the demands of loyal fans and would be censors. I certainly wish that one existed. [1]

This right here, my friends, was mine and every Sailor Moon fan's worst nightmare. Amara and Michelle were RELATED. And this time it was OFFICIAL. Many fans were relieved that for the first few episodes, they had left their relationship up in the air, but those sighs of relief soon turned into screams of pain.

A beautiful relationship had been destroyed. I thought to myself, "Well, as long as they don't bring it up again, I'll be ok," but NO! For the next 15 episodes or so, Cloverway rubs our noses in the fact that they're cousins, often dumbing down the dialogue and making it sound stupid. Oh, woe is me....[2]

In later years, however, fans would realize that despite the dub's constant insistence that Amara and Michelle were cousins, none of the original animation had been altered to reflect this. A running joke nowadays mocks Cloverway for creating "incestuous lesbians" rather than actually censoring lesbians.

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