I Want to See Your Face

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I Want to See Your Face is a m/m slash trope. It is, perhaps, an older trope.

Two characters are about to have penetrative anal sex for the first time. The penetrator suggests they do it side by side as he has heard/knows/read in a book that this is easier. The penetratee disagrees. He wants to be on his back, as I want to see your face/your eyes. The penetrated only has to say it once, and there is never any further discussion. The sex that follows, of course, is mind-blowing.

Examples of Use

  • from The Sentinel story, Joining the Two Together by Voracity, Blair tells Jim how he wants it: "It [the book] said it would be easier on our sides the first time. But I want to see your face when you get all the way in."
  • from another Sentinel story, Glad to Be Unhappy by Tinnean, Jim refuses to "roll over," telling Blair: "This way!” he repeated fiercely. “I want to see your face when you take me the first time. I want to be watching your eyes when you come!”
  • from a hockey RPF story, One Timers by Drew Doughty: "A couple minutes later, I feel him pull out and quickly grab my hips. He flips me over onto my back and quickly dives back into the familiar territory between my legs. “Drew.” I moan. “I want to see your face when you come.” He says.""
  • from Hobbit (films) story Nothing's Changed, Everything's Different, by Goldpeaches, it's an example of how badly Kili's been treated sexually, when he says,"Yeah, don’t worry about it. Let me just turn over and get things started." Bofur presses his hand flat against Kíli’s chest to stop him from rolling over onto his stomach. "Don’t you dare turn your beautiful face away from me.".
  • lots, lots more in other fandoms!