Born to Bottom

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Name: Born to Bottom
Reccer(s): Meghan Black
Dates: 2001 or before - 2007
Focus: bottom!Jim
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: (Wayback, 2004) (Wayback, 2001)

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Born to Bottom was a recs page in The Sentinel fandom maintained by Meghan Black, focusing on "bottom!Jim" stories -- stories in which Jim Ellison was characterized as a natural bottom, e.g. the receptive sexual partner in anal sex. The stories listed on the page were primarily Jim/Blair fanfic. The page is no longer online; the earliest iteration of the page which the Wayback Machine can find is from June of 2004 and the latest dates to 2007.

The page initially arose out of conversation with other fans who shared a preference for this characterization:

"You know how you're talking about things with other writers and what seems like a brilliant idea at the time occurs to you, then later you wonder "whatever possessed me?" This is the result of such a conversation."[1].

Whether a given BSO is a natural top or a natural bottom has long been a subject of fannish speculation. The tendency to read and write Jim Ellison as a bottom was part of a broader trend of writing big, butch BSOs as secretly willing (or delighted) to make themselves physically vulnerable -- a way for fans to subvert the predictable sexual dynamics and turn the partner who was less-frequently feminized into someone who was "being done," rather than "doing." Born to Bottom sparked other similar recs pages in other fandoms.

Born to Bottom is Meghan Black's recs of Bottom!Jim stories. Caveat Lector, but if you ask me, more than worth it. I particularly liked Those Who Can by Sihaya Black. And I don't even really like Sentinalfic. Oh well, certain stories transcend fandoms.[2]