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Synonyms: Beloved Sex Object
Beloved Slash Object
Beautiful Slash Object
Batterable Sex Object
Bright Shiny Object
See also: OTP, OT3, OT4, Hurt/Comfort
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BSO is a disputed term: there are many definitions. It usually refers to the object of fannish sexual attention or obsession.

Many people use BSO to refer to their current fandom or obsession, rather than a specific character/person. In this case, it usually stands for Bright Shiny Object.

In 2007 fans weighed in on various definitions of the term in a poll (archive) on Speranza's LiveJournal,[1] after she received several comments and questioning about the term in a previous post.

Some of these definitions are:

  • Bright Shiny Object (There was a recs page by this name, which gave rise to the strong association with BSO.)
  • Beloved/Beautiful Sex/Slash Object[2] (This seems to be a slash-specific version of the above.)
  • Batterable Sex Object (...and the Hurt/Comfort junkies weigh in.)
  • Battered Slashable Object[3]
  • Beloved Significant Other

The use of some these forms predates 1999, like Beautiful Sex Object, Batterable Slash Object, Battered Slashable Object.[4]


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