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Synonyms: top
See also: Big Guy, Little Guy, uke, yaoi, Height Rule
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Seme is a term originating in martial arts and used by yaoi fans to describe the dominant or "pursuing" half in a male-male relationship (uke being the submissive or "pursued" half). The seme is typically the one who actively initiates the relationship, from subtle wooing to rape. The word is derived from the Japanese verb "semeru," which means "to attack."


Stereotypically, the seme is usually taller and often older than the uke, and sometimes exhibits stereotypical alpha male characteristics: overprotective, masculine (compared to the uke -- most seme characters are still drawn in a relatively androgynous style), and physically powerful. Artistically, they are often depicted with smaller eyes, more well-defined jawlines, and a generally more "adult" appearance.