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Journal Community
Name: Fanthropology - The Study of Fandom
Date(s): 2005(?)-present
Moderator: dragonscholar, sailormac
Founder: dragonscholar
Type: Meta
Fandom: Multifandom
URL:; archive link

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A livejournal community dedicated to discussing fandom. Formerly open-access, as of 9/2008 all posts are moderated.

From the User Info (accessed 1/2009):

"Fanthropology is a community dedicated to discussing and analyzing fandom culture, news, and events, for both fandom in general and specific fandoms. Our goal is analysis, understanding, and relaying of information related to fan culture."

In recent years, activity has slowed, and the majority of posts have been wneleh's "Media References to Fanfic," compiled weekly and cross-posted to the Dreamwidth community as_others_see_us.

Some Posts Were Deleted

It's impossible to know how many posts have been deleted, but the archive is not complete. [1]


  1. One example of a discussion that was deleted, but preserved at Fandom Wank Wiki: And they just keep going, a post and discussion involving purplepopple, underage fans writing slash, and Lee Goldberg, November 2005