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Journal Community
Name: Fanthropology - The Study of Fandom
Date(s): January 20, 2005, last updated August 11, 2017
Moderator: dragonscholar, sailormac
Founder: dragonscholar
Type: meta
Fandom: Multifandom
URL:; archive link

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Fanthropology is a LiveJournal community dedicated to discussing fandom.

In recent years, activity has slowed, and the majority of posts have been wneleh's "Media References to Fanfic," compiled weekly and cross-posted to the Dreamwidth community as_others_see_us.

The journal has 2,109 entries that have received 33,207 comments. [1]

Many entries are bookmarked by subject here. You can also search by the archive from 2003-2015 here.

Self Descriptions

Fanthropology is a community dedicated to discussing and analyzing fandom culture, news, and events, for both fandom in general and specific fandoms. Our goal is analysis, understanding, and relaying of information related to fan culture. We're here to think and be informed - but we want to have fun doing it! [2]

Our Rules: Currently evolving as of 9/1/2008: 1) The goal of fanthropology is to discuss, analyze, and understand fandom. This doesn't have to necessarily be serious, but is the focus of the community. 2) The mods reserve the right to remove, ban, or otherwise moderate any posts or individuals that interfere with the purpose of the community. 3) There will be no promotion of communities, research, websites, or other non-discussion elements in top-level posts. Instead, a "promotion" post will be produced once a week for people to note activities, research, interesting websites, and soforth. 4) There will be no posting of private information, nor "outing" of people behind fandom identities in this community nor in associated elements. 5) There is no room for sexism, racism, or other forms of bigotry in this community or associated elements. 6) The goal of the community is to be as free of wank as possible. Do not start it. Do not promote it. Do not continue it. Doing any of these things is ground for banning.

7) All top-level posts are now screened by mods. [3]

Fan Comments

From a fan in April 2005:

*waves dramatically* *pokes ego* *whispers "Stop that."* I post to fanthro. Sometimes, I feel it is my personal goal to high jack fanthropology for my own fannish purposes. Fanthropology was originally a mailing list on Topica... and that dates back to... krikey... When I was on staff af FanFiction.Net? Soooooo 2001 or so? I lost track of it after I got kicked off... And I think Steven Savage brought it back recently, like this year, in a new improved version on LiveJournal. I'm not necessarily as fond of the new version as the old version was more fan fiction community discussion oriented rather than all of fandom... and I'm not really all that interested in all of fandom. I really don't think it is needed but that's me. Vidders do their thing. Cosplayers do their thing. Icon people do their thing. Filkers do their thing. Furries do their thing. Fan fiction community does its own thing. Rarely do their interests overlap and there is a lot of discussion on those in various places to keep almost any fangirl squeeing for days... I also have issues with how fanthropology does or doesn't define fandom... but that's my issue. [4]


While it may be rare, at least one post was deleted. It was preserved at Fandom Wank Wiki: And they just keep going, a post and discussion involving purplepopple, underage fans writing slash, and Lee Goldberg, November 2005. Another set of posts that were removed are a bunch from here in 2005 regarding RPF.

Other discussions are available and archived here: Discussions.


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