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Name: Fandom Wank Wiki (also, Wank Wiki and WankWiki)
Dates: 2002-2011
URL: Front Page via Wayback; WebCite
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The Fandom Wank Wiki was a wiki associated with the Fandom Wank community. The front page was last modified on 22 February 2011, at 17:40. At that time it had been accessed 473,513 times. The last edit was made December 16, 2011.

The site had some long, interesting pages but was mostly a collection of in-jokes and obscure, scattered minutia.

Some Highlights, and Lowerlights


Statistics, Archived version

  • Content pages: 964
  • Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.): 1,977
  • Uploaded files: 0
  • Page edits since Fandom wank wiki was set up: 19,073
  • Average edits per page: 9.65
  • Job queue length: 0
  • Registered users: 3,431 [1]
  • Users who have performed an action in the last 91 days: 21
  • Bots (list of members): 0
  • Administrators (list of members:) 4
  • Bureaucrats (list of members): 1
  • Views total: 9,499,184
  • Views per edit: 498.04

Most viewed pages:

  • Main Page: 448,481
  • Famous Wanks: 63,910
  • Snapes on an Astral Plane: 56,894
  • The Ms. Scribe Story: 54,770
  • Wank: 52,402
  • Usagi Kou: 49,458
  • FPB: 41,851
  • CrystalWank: 40,899
  • Famous Wankers: 38,975
  • BNF: 35,444

Some Members

  • The ModSquad (hugsnkisses, sepiamagpie, phosfate, panthea, wankprophet, sorchar, snacky, apoplexia, eljuno, backfromspace)
  • Official FW Males ("Just because Fandom Wank is a Hive Vagina doesn't mean all 4000+ members are of the female persuasion... ")

The Rules


Timeline, Archived version:

The Land Before Wank Pre-2002

  • And on the Eighth Day, God created Fandom and he looketh upon it and he smileth and say "yea, [this is good]". And there were message boards and fanlistings and 'zines. God said, "Behold, I have given you pretty boys with useful interlockingeth organs and the power to fashion flashing icons in your own image, so you will not be bored." And Fandom was content.
  • On the Ninth Day, God cast Satan out of Paradise where he went to crawl upon his belly and create his own playground: Fandom Wank. And Fandom was no more at peace.

2002 October 16

  • The birth of the illustrious community. Fandom Wank is created on journaling system LiveJournal.
  • Fandom recoils.

2003 January 14

  • Fandom Wank is TOSed from LiveJournal for no discernable reason. No valid response is ever given. See TOSsers for assorted reactions.
  • Wanktastic is created and survives 16 hours before it is also TOSed. ideology wank and revenge of wank barely last a few hours.
  • A Yahoo Group is created.

January 16

  • LJ Abuse suspends Fandom Wank founder Dara for telling Brad (Fitzpatrick, creator of Livejournal) to "chug cock".
  • Versaphile creates Fandom Wank on Blurty and codes the current rainbow layout along with Mortari.
  • First "FW is starting to suck" growing pains result in her creating some preliminary rules, too.

March 9

March 16

  • Move to newly created JournalFen.
  • Creation of the ModSquad under the nominal control of Dara.


  • Mortari quits the ModSquad in a rain of wank.


  • Stormfreak banned from JournalFen for abuse of servers.

Some time

2004 Some time

  • "FW getting suckier" discontent rises and eventually boils over in the creation of Noob and Old Timer/Cool
  • Kid communities.

April 16

  • CrystalWank—The post that launched thirteen thousand comments.

June 23

  • Fandom Wank is deleted by the moderators.

June 24

  • Fandom Wank is undeleted by the admins.

July 23

  • Phoenix is banned from FW, then suspended from JF, due to "hilarious" asshattery.

October 19

  • FW community is put on post moderation.

October 24

December 19

December 20

  • Thorn_star is unbanned from FW.

2005 Around May 13

  • Thorn_Star banned for trolling, by popular request. Sparked by his trollish comment-disabled "PSA" about anon comments being turned off.

June 23

  • Fandom Love and its aftermath
  • FW Cool Kid elfy suspended from JournalFen for insulting the owner, then reinstated.
  • Wankicane Katrina
  • BJR Teaches Us How To Outwalk A Hurricane

October 3

November 18

  • "Controversial" trollish community Cosplayfucks banned from JournalFen due to overwhelmingly underaged memberlist.

At some point

2006 January

  • World Wide Web War I causes F_W to go "Loll".




October 22

2007 May/June





  • Fandom migration claims a victim: GreatestJournal. Fandom decides InsaneJournal will be more robust.
  • Lexicongate continues.

2008 January

  • Anonymous declares war upon the Church of Scientology.

Lexicongate continues. February–April

  • Lexicongate continues.



  • Lexicongate ends. Oh wait, it's not quite dead yet.


  • Lexicongate ends... maybe.

2009 February





  • Fandom Wank deletes world. People complain.
  • World reinstated. People complain.


  1. ^ All but about 600 were spammers.