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Synonyms: HMS Harmony
See also: Harry/Hermione
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A term in use in the Harry Potter fandom. A harmonian is a vocal Harry/Hermione shipper. It's been speculated that this pairing draws (or drew) more male fans than many other pairings.[1]


Another term is "HMS Harmony," a term that may have been coined by Mad Eye Mike on August 9, 2003. [2] [3] [4]

Some comments from fans of this pairing:

  • "Harry still feels happy after Hermione tells him Dumbledore made them keep information from him, but feels bad just after Ron begins saying the same thing." [5]
  • "Why would Harry suddenly--after five solid books--wake up and become more actively interested in Ginny?" [5]
  • "i support h/hr because i think jkr is leading it that way... but i know i'd stop shipping h/hr if i was proven wrong and h/g actually DID get together finally for good." [5]
  • "The HMS Harmony is a reality-based vessel. Unlike other ships, we don't have our heads in the clouds. We can accept the truth about a situation and move on. We've never had to alter things (text, scenes) or create our own (fics) to justify, satisfy and provide proof of our ship. We ship H/Hr mostly because we feel the characters are best suited for each other. If in the end JKR decides that's not the case, so be it. We'll move on." [5]


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