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A term in use in the Harry Potter fandom. A harmonian is a vocal Harry/Hermione shipper. It's been speculated that this pairing draws (or drew) more male fans than many other pairings.[1] The term may have been coined by Mad Eye Mike. [2]

Fans of this pairing note details like "Harry still feels happy after Hermione tells him Dumbledore made them keep information from him, but feels bad just after Ron begins saying the same thing," and ask questions like, "Why would Harry suddenly--after five solid books--wake up and become more actively interested in Ginny?" Some fans insisted this was the most canon-likely pairing: "i support h/hr because i think jkr is leading it that way... but i know i'd stop shipping h/hr if i was proven wrong and h/g actually DID get together finally for good." [3]



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