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Name: Snacky
Alias(es): thatgirlnevershutsup
Type: writer, moderator
Fandoms: Narnia, Tolkien
Communities: Fandom Wank, narniaexchange
URL: Snacky @LJ, @DW, @AO3, snackbites fiction LJ, Snacky8, thatgirlnevershutsup @Tumblr
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Snacky is a longtime fan and for several years has been a mod at Fandom Wank.

She is known for, among other things, for formulating Snacky's Law to describe references to "those mean girls in high school" when fans argue with one another.

She has also moderated the Narnia Fic Exchange since 2011.

For a 2013 interview, see Slashcast Insider Interview with Snacky.