Snacky's Law

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See also: Godwin's Law
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Whenever two (or more) groups of people are arguing, anywhere on the web (usenet, mailing lists, message boards, blogs, etc.), inevitably, someone on one side of the argument (regardless of age or gender) will compare the group on the other side to "those bitchy girls who made everyone's life hell in high school."
Additionally: When this happens, if the person who made this comparison is validated with tales of "just how mean the bitchy girls* were to ME in high school," the argument is over, and the side making the comparison has lost.
If however, the other side responds with the EXACT SAME COMPARISON, both sides have lost, and the argument should be declared dead for all eternity.
*popular kids, playground bullies, etc.

In the Fandom Wank wiki, Snacky is quoted saying "Having a law makes me feel all warm inside. I heard that's what inspired Godwin."[2]