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Name: JournalFen
Dates: 2003 – 2015[1][2]
2003 – 2021
Type: Social Networking Site, Blogging Platform
Fandom: Meta, Multifandom,Fandom Wank, Wank
2003 to 2015
2003 to 2021
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JournalFen was a fan-oriented LiveJournal clone site for users aged 18 and up. It was later a Dreamwidth clone-site, using .com instead of .net in its URL, until its total demise in 2021. It was run by Robin Serrano and ZorroRojo.[3]

JournalFen is a journaling service for fans of movies, television, music and other forms of media entertainment. This service is strictly for users 18 years of age and older.[4]

Fandom Wank and Accounts

JournalFen housed Fandom Wank. Because the community often doesn't allow anonymous posting, the vast majority of Fandom Wank members possessed a JournalFen account. After the LiveJournal controversies, many other fans migrated to JournalFen as well. JournalFen required invitations for accounts from existing users.

Service No Longer Available

There has been no activity on JournalFen, either as a site or the temporary forum, since mid 2015[2]

The Servers are Robust

JournalFen is also the source of the phrase, "the servers are robust" which is commonly used to ironically mean exactly the opposite. In 2005, in a post about complaints on the site over downtime and page-loading issues related to a Fandom Wank prank, Robin, posting with the "System" account said, "We do not have shitty servers. We have rather robust, and rather expensive servers. We just happen to be running a complicated piece of software on one of them that uses a shitload of resources."[5]

Fans took to using the phrase ironically when the site continued to experience problems. The phrase has migrated throughout fandom to the point that fans use it and understand the meaning without knowing its origins.

A Message in 2015

Don't bury us yet, everyone! We're not gone forever. We're just hitting a rough patch getting our new server online. Hopefully, we won't be offline too long. There is a forum setup for getting updates, and you are welcome to use it to communicate with each other, too, while waiting for us to get all setup and going again.

temporary JF forum

Anything major will posted here, but that forum is the place to get details in the meantime.


We have a temporary installation of the Dreamwidth codebase up and running, but there is very little of our content on it. You can, however, use the lost info function on it and reset your password and do some basic posting on that installation. It's a place to do some basic things while we wait for an installation that has all of our past entries. Our temporary site is here:

We'll be back on once we have all of our content restored. In the meantime, feel free to use your account on [6]


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