Bidoof's Law

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Bidoof's Law is an internet 'law' that points out the irony that many users on social media - particularly sites like Tumblr, where the post originated from, and Twitter - with reactionary politics raving about 'degeneracy' or how media/fandom/art is too political nowadays, will quite often also be shamelessly into hentai.

The law is named after Tumblr user 'bidoof', rather than directly from the Pokemon of the same name.

will there ever be anything more timelessly funnier on this site than seeing some joyless idiot asserting their stupid controversial worldviews internet toughguy style and then checking their blog and they’re just, completely openly and shamelessly addicted to hentai

Though some criticism has been levied at it as an example of an ad hominem attack, many recognise it as a criticism of the juxtaposition, and lack of self-awareness, between the reactionary worldview of the user, and their reblogging and consumption of risque content that those same reactionary viewpoints denigrate.

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