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Name: Narnia Fic Exchange
Date(s): 2008–
Moderator(s): Snacky
Founder: caramelsilver
Type: fanfiction exchange
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Associated Community: narniaexchange @LJ, @DW, @Tumblr
URL: AO3 collection
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The Narnia Fic Exchange (NFE) is an annual fanfiction challenge in The Chronicles of Narnia fandom, founded in 2008 by caramelsilver and now organised by Snacky. It usually runs in summer.

Rules and Timetable

The challenge takes the exchange format, where each participant is allotted a recipient by the moderators. Fanfiction is the only type of fanwork included. All Narnia novels as well as their film adaptations are included, as well as crossovers with other fandoms, but RPF about the actors in the films is not permitted.[1] The exchange is administered via the Narnia Fic Challenge livejournal, which also administers the Narnia Big Bang Challenge. Stories were formerly posted to the community livejournal, but from the 2014 round, the exchange has been hosted at Archive of Our Own.

Stories must be complete and at least 1000 words; they are required to have been beta'ed.[1] After the first round, sign ups have generally occurred in June, with posting usually in August–September. Since 2010, contributions have initially been published anonymously.


The inaugural exchange was moderated by caramelsilver, twoskeletons and rachelbeann. Sign ups occurred in October, with most stories being published in November and December; the masterlist was not posted until March 2009. There was no anonymous phase for this round. A total of 20 stories were written.


The 2009 exchange was moderated by caramelsilver. Sign ups moved forward to June, with stories being posted in September. There was no anonymous phase for this round. A total of 21 stories were written.


The 2010 exchange was moderated by caramelsilver. In this round, writers were blinded as to their recipient, writing from the prompt alone, and stories were initially posted anonymously. This blinding to the recipient was maintained while the exchange was administered on livejournal. A total of 40 stories were written.

Voted awards in seven categories were held in November after all stories had been published and before author reveals. The results were announced at the end of December, with the winners receiving a banner.


Snacky joined caramelsilver as moderator for the 2011 round. In addition to the exchange, this round had open prompts posted to the livejournal & tumblr communities that any writer could fill without the requirement to sign up. Stories were posted anonymously but there were no voted awards. A total of 31 stories were written.


The 2012 exchange was moderated by Snacky and caramelsilver. Despite a poll in favour of moving story hosting to Archive of Our Own, this round of the exchange remained at livejournal owing to technical issues with AO3. Stories were posted anonymously. A total of 33 stories were written.


The 2013 exchange was moderated by Snacky. It remained on livejournal for the main exchange. Stories were posted anonymously. In addition to the exchange, there was a Madness Round for stories of any length written to the prompts; these were posted to AO3. A total of 37 stories were written for the main exchange, with a further 5 for the Madness Round.


The 2014 exchange was moderated by Snacky with assistance from aurilly. For this round, the exchange moved completely to the Archive of Our Own, with a preliminary nomination phase to establish the AO3 tagset. Sign ups were pushed back to late July to early August, with works published in September 2014. A total of 25 works were written for the main collection, with a further 13 for the madness collection.


The 2015 exchange was moderated by Snacky with assistance from aurilly, and again ran on AO3.[2] The collection opened on 30 August. A total of 26 works were written for the main collection, with a further 13 for the madness collection.


The 2016 exchange is again moderated by Snacky, with assistance from aurilly. Stories are due in August.[3]


A total of 21 works were written for the main collection.


A total of 20 works were written for the main collection, with a further 6 for the madness collection.


29 works were written and posted.


37 works.


28 works.


30 works.


This is a great exchange that snacky has run since 2008. ... The NFE has never been a very large exchange -- there were only twenty fics in 2008, which rose to all of thirty-seven (not including Madness ficlets) in 2013 -- but the general quality is very high and it's a lot of fun. (Elizabeth Culmer)[4]

There are a number of other NFE stories that are just astonishing. (I'm running out of adjectives). There are a number of stories with different takes on AU Aravis, AU Silver Chair and playing with concepts of memory, who forgets what and when and how and the role Tumnus plays in it. That's something that is lovely about the NFE is that there are often in a single exchange, multiple interpretations of related ideas. It's really cool. (rthstewart on the 2015 exchange)[5]


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