Narnia Big Bang Challenge

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Name: Narnia Big Bang Challenge
Date(s): 2011–12
Moderator(s): Snacky
Founder: Snacky
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Associated Community: narniaexchange @LJ, @DW, @Tumblr
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The Narnia Big Bang Challenge is a Big Bang challenge for fanfiction & fan art in The Chronicles of Narnia fandom, founded in 2011 by Snacky. A single round has been completed as of 2014, in 2011–12; a second round started in 2012 but was aborted after participants dropped out.


All genres and types of Narnia fanfiction are included, except that RPF about the actors in the films is not permitted. Art includes hand-drawn and digital art, banners and icons, as well as vids and fanmixes. For the main Big Bang, the minimum word count for fiction is 20,000 words, and two works for art or equivalent. There is also a Mini Bang with a 10,000 word minimum requirement for fiction, and one artwork or equivalent.[1]

The exchange is administered via the Narnia Fic Challenge livejournal, which also adminsters the Narnia Fic Exchange. In the 2011–12 round, stories were posted by the moderator to Big Bang posting journals on livejournal & dreamwidth and artwork to the narniaexchange community.


Sign ups for the inaugural round occurred in October 2011; works were posted in April 2012. Eight works were created:

  • Rat and Sword Go To War by rthstewart; art by heverus. The High King and the Gentle Queen go to war, again. (Peter & Susan Pevensie)
  • circa regna tonat by deathsblood; art by sophiap. Following Edmund's assassination, the Pevensies fall apart. In desperation, Susan gets Aslan to bring him back. More trouble ensues.
  • The Red Leather Trousers Escapade by wingedflight21; art by caitriona_3. An assassination attempt gone wrong sends Jill and Eustace off to solve the mystery behind the attacks, all while playing dead. SCAUverse.
  • To Every Thing There Is a Season by Elizabeth Culmer; art by i_autumnheart. Ilgamuth Tarkaan was fourteen when he first rode to war. He was likewise fourteen when he pledged his life and his name to Prince Rabadash, a decision that would shape the rest of his life. Prequel to "Out of Season." (Ilgamuth Tarkaan, Prince Rabadash)
  • Fuel to Fire by snitchnipped; art by crantz. “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” — Winston Churchill. Part of Four of the Dichotomy Universe.
  • A Tale of Two Sisters by pamymex3girl; art by Elizabeth Culmer. A long time ago, in Narnia, Susan fell ill. It was Lucy then, who took care of her. Now many years later it was Susan’s turn to care for Lucy, despite all that had happened since they lost Narnia. But none of it mattered because in the end they were sisters and they would love each other no matter what happened in their lives... (Susan, Lucy)
  • Between Golden Worlds by pamymex3girl; art by tiabolt. It is August 1524 and the Pevensies are being send to the English court. Having just lost their own world they must now learn to walk in this world. They must accept their place and live their lives, but they must be careful. For the court of Henry VIII is a dangerous place, one step in the wrong direction could prove disastrous... (Pevensies, historical characters)
  • The World in the Wood by animus_wyrmis; fanmix by be_themoon. When Susan's daughter Polly stumbles upon a green ring and sets off on a quest to save the world and stop an evil queen, Susan and her husband Tommy must journey between the worlds to get her back. But before they can make it home safely, Susan must revisit the past she thought she'd left behind and Tommy must decide if Susan is really the woman he thought he'd married.
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