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Blurty Journal (formerly)
Make friends for life.
Online Journals and Diaries for adults (formerly)
Dates: 2002 – 2015
Type: Journaling Service
Fandom: multifandom
Nov 2002 to Dec 2014
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Blurty was a journaling service based on the LiveJournal open-source code. Membership was restricted to users 18[note 1] and over, with 2,000,000 registered members since 2002.

In its early years the site had a small fannish presence, after a migration of users who could no longer access their main journals (LJ) and saw Blurty as a backup alternative.

Around 2000s, it was home to several profiles of fans and communities, including Fandom Wank for a brief period in 2003.

The site appears to have remained online and active until mid-2015, when a "Server Upgrade in Progress, Be Right Back" message began to host the main page.

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    Join The Party...

    Create your own Blurty journal and instantly become part of one of the fastest growing communities on the web. If you're over 18 years old and you have something to say, then you're just the kind of person we're looking for. Ok, so our standards aren't very high, but that's what makes reading some of the journals so much fun. You'll see.

    (It's totally, absolutely, 100% free.)[1]

    – Blurty homepage