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Synonyms: pseudocide, pseudicide
See also: sockpuppet, wank, fandom flounce, online exit, Münchausen by Internet
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Pseuicide is a homonymic pun used primarily in fandom to mean a fake death. Another version, more commonly used on the internet at large, is pseudocide,[1] which also avoids confusion when pronounced out loud. It can refer to the faked death of a sockpuppet, or of one's online persona. Sometimes used to refer to a suicide attempt or suicide threat using less-fatal methods, aka a "cry for help." Pseuicide (or pseudicide) in fandom relates to the use of a pseudonym (or pseud), a practice prevalent in fandom.

Pseuicides may be sudden -- car accidents, aneurysms -- or lengthy affairs with textbook-perfect (or vague and random) disease symptoms, described in detail (from a hospital bed, via never-fail internet connections, while the patient is at death's door, or by a relative). Extremes of this behavior are often called Munchausen by Internet,[2] where the "cry for help" is literally a solicitation for sympathetic attention by use of dramatic lying. However, in most cases, pseuicides are merely convenient methods for retiring a persona which has come under unwanted attention and/or wank.


According to Fancyclopedia, the term refers to a 1941 hoax in which Oliver King Smith falsely claimed that his roommate, Earl Singleton, had committed suicide.[3] In the original context, pseuicide or pseudocide is a shortening of pseudo + suicide and has nothing to do with pseudonyms.


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