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Name: Svmaria
Alias(es): althea_astrea, alessandra84, averaid, clmelissa, jackluvclex, maria_j_bianchi, mariajosebianchi, markclexer, mr_tete, misstete, msjulialurker, oliluthor, real_svmaria, svjulian, svkristin,
Type: Fan Writer, Sockpuppet
Fandoms: Smallville
URL: journal deleted
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Svmaria was an alternate identity for Alessandra84, who was a Smallville writer and reader. She was uncovered by Svmadelyn after Svmaria claimed to have been in a car accident that caused her to miscarry and almost die. There was a wishlist involved. She returned many times. She had many names. It was very complicated

The Beginning

Svmaria was originally conceived by Alessandra84 in lieu of a second identity, not necessarily for the malicious or self-promotional purposes most people create sockpuppets to gain. Over time, Alessandra84 moved more and more of her own online activities away from her original name and into the newer one, which argues that while Svmaria was a sockpuppet, she also could be argued to be, at least partially, a non-malicious pseud as well.

Svmaria also has the distinction of being a sockpuppet who created her own sockpuppets; at this time, there are no other examples of a puppet acting as puppeteer.

Svmaria appeared on livejournal in 2006 and quickly became popular among Smallville fans, among them Herohunter, another Smallville writer. She started and participated in several friending frenzies and wrote fic.

Enderwiggin had this to say regarding her introduction to Svmaria by Alessandra84:

"alessandra was there first, and she was suppose to be a mother with a child (boy or girl I do not remember), but generally she described herself as a shy person, who was also busy in RL and such, working etc... , taking care of her kid. Alas with such a bio, she could not pretend to be 24/7/year to be online.

so after knowing alessandra for a while, she introduced me to svmaria, her friend. young, plenty of time, online access around the clock. etc.

that's about how I remember it from 3 or 4 years ago."[1]

Svmaria, however, seemed to have a lot of trouble with mysterious trolls, stalkers, and haters. A community whose purpose was hating her was built.[2] She also had personal problems she shared regularly with her readers.

In late summer/early Autumn of 2006, she announced to her flist that she was pregnant.

The Accident

On November 28, 2006, Herohunter posted to her own livejournal account that Svmaria had been in a car accident. Herohunter stated that Javier, Svmaria's boyfriend, had contacted her soon after Svmaria was taken to the hospital and was placed in intensive care. She also stated that Svmaria had miscarried[3].

On November 29, 2006, Herohunter posted a second entry announcing the formation of a community, formaria, co-modded by Becky.

"My suggestion is that we present her with funny/happy/porny works for her to enjoy when she gets back online. I trust your judgement where the topic of the fic/manip/drabble is concerned, let's keep this comm upbeat and happy, yeah?"[4]

Also in the entry was Svmaria's Christmas wishlist, which included a link to Amazon[4]

At 9:06 PM, Herohunter posted again to say that Svmaria was in critical condition and going into surgery. Several updates appeared in Herohunter's livejournal during this time to narrate the tense situation as it was described to her by Svmaria's boyfriend Javier.

The morning of November 30, 2006, Herohunter posted to say that Svmaria had survived the night and had woken up. She added this:

"Her boyfriend has asked me to let you know that if you feel inclined to send her any gifts besides what's on her Christmas Wish list, she likes especially the following:

Lip balm, lip gloss, butterflies, dragonflies, kittens, angels, bunnies, snowmen, x-mas trees, lieetl presents like earrings, make up, stuff like that."[5]

People signed up to send Svmaria gifts.

Then things got interesting.

Svmadelyn, Plucky Girl Detective

Svmadelyn had been more and more suspicious as the situation unfolded; the rapid updates by Herohunter, the lack of a hospital name, and most especially the posting of the wishlist motivated her to consult with several members of her friend's list and compare notes. Several stated feeling the same unease, and Svmadelyn decided to take action.

On November 30, 2006, Svmadelyn posted the following to Herohunter's entry Friends of Svmaria:

"Allright. I have quite a few things that are leading me to believe that svmaria is sockpuppeting around as msjulialurker, and I want a hospital address where Maria is staying. If you're willing to give out her personal address, then you can give out her hospital address so this information can be verified.

If I'm completely wrong about my suspicions, I will apologize profusely to you in front of Live Journal at large, but if this is all some sort of weird...thing you all have going on? You should be so ashamed."[6]

Herohunter reacted in shock and disbelief. Seperis, Ingrid M, and Arxev however, agreed with Svmadeyln's assessment of the situation. Comments to Svmadelyn's include the first appearance of msjulialurker, one of Svmaria's earliest known puppets, who chided Svmadelyn for posting.

Herohunter made a second post, stating that Svmaria's boyfriend Javier had read Svmadelyn's comments and posted her last instant message conversation with him[7]. Herohunter also stated that Javier deleted Svmaria's livejournal.

msjulialurker posted to express heartbreak over the situation and her plans to delete her livejournal too, presumably in solidarity. People continue to post in support of Svmaria.

Svmadelyn was rather surprised.

"You are kidding me, right? Well. Thank you for answering my question as to whether or not maybe she was pulling one over on you, it's pretty clear that you're in this one together."[8]

Likefairydust and LJToys

Into the--weirdness--likefairydust made the following comment:

"Yeah, Maria's IP address just read this post. Was it the boyfriend?"[9]

Using LJToys, likefairydust matched Svmaria's known IP address to the one currently reading the entry by imbedding an img file in a comment. Several people argued a matching IP was inconclusive. Amireal explained what an IP is. There was a great deal of denial, IP explanations, complete misunderstanding of the concept of an IP, and continuing arguments; however, some people listened. More people expressed doubt and requested the name of the hospital.

Add more here.

Svmaria Confesses

Add more here.


Obviously, she turned out to be a sockpuppet. Will add more here later.

Fandom Responds

Svmaria and SV Inquiry

Add more here.

Svmaria Returns, Several Times

A lot goes on here. A lot. Add more later.

Cast of Characters

Just in case you get confused.

  • Herohunter - Smallville writer, Svmaria's best friend.
  • Javier - Svmaria's boyfriend.
  • Svmadelyn - discoverer of shenanigans.
  • missjulialurker - Svmaria sockpuppet
  • Likefairydust - discoverer of IP addresses

List and Genealogy of Known Sockpuppets

Original Livejournal Name (presumably):

  • alessandra84

Original Second Identity:

  • svmaria

Svmaria's Other LJ Names After Deletion of LJ (Not Puppets) Sort Of:

  • althea_astrea (after deletion of svmaria)
  • maria_j_bianchi (claims that svmaria was hacked and althea is a fake)
  • mariajosebianch (same)
  • real_svmaria

Actual Sockpuppets of Svmaria:

The list is not complete. It may never be complete.


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