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Synonyms: computer address, internet address
See also: Wank, Sockpuppet
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IP Address Definition

An IP address is the unique number used by a computer or other device on the Internet[1]. It must be unique because it is the address used for communication to and from that device. IP addresses may be static: stay the same all the time (based on ISP options) or dynamic: assigned one of an ISP's block of addresses when the device connects to the Internet via that ISP. Host names are user-readable names linked to the IP address in Domain Name Servers.

IP Addresses Exposing Sockpuppets

Because IP addresses identify a unique computer, and some systems log IP addresses, they have been used to show that a person/user name was or was not posting, commenting or otherwise connecting. This is one way that sockpuppets have been exposed during long arguments or wanks. For example, see The Msscribe Story.