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Name: Madelyn
Alias(es): svmadelyn, sweepingexits
Type: archivist, fanwriter, moderator, OTW member
Fandoms: Heroes, One Life to Live, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, World Wrestling Federation
Communities: schronicles, sgabigbang, SV Inquiry
Other: OTW Community Relations: Committee Member
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Svmadelyn is a long-term community fannish member, active in several fandoms over the years among them, the slash fandom Clark/Lex of the series Smallville in which she had her most interaction.


Svmadelyn was first active in the soap opera fandom One Life to Live and the World Wrestling Federation under an alternate pseudonym[1] before discovering slash in Smallville. During her time in the fandom, she founded the Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge 2.0, and Under Mistletoe, a Holiday Challenge that eventually would extend to include Stargate Atlantis and Supernatural fandoms.

In 2004, began hosting the Valentine's Day Game on her Livejournal. A yearly event that allows Livejournal users, regardless of fandom affiliation, to leave anonymous Valentine messages for one another, the game soon grew to include hundreds of participants. The original game ran until 2009; Svmadelyn resurrected it in 2013.

In 2005, in conjunction with Seperis, Svmadelyn founded SV Inquiry, a Smallville fic finding and rec community. Later that year, she became active in the Stargate Atlantis fandom, where she founded the SGA Big Bang Challenge. In conjunction with Seperis, she founded Slumberparty, a fan-oriented get-together.

In 2006, Svmadelyn uncovered a sockpuppet drama orchestrated by Svmaria. That year she also ran a Smallville and Stargate Atlantis badfic summary challenge[2], which produced several notable fics.

In 2007, Svmadelyn became active in the Heroes fandom, where she founded the Heroes Archive The List: Heroes Fanfic Archive in 2008, with Elli and Syrenslure. She also joined the OTW and currently serves on the OTW Community Relations Committee.

In 2008, in conjunction with Seperis, Svmadelyn founded Schronicles, a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fiction and announcement site.



  • Badfic Summary Challenge[2], Founder of the SGA-SV version
  • Cuff 'Em, Vamp 'Em, or Just Make 'Em Come Already Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge[4], Founder
  • Merlin Big Bang, Founder
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles Flash Fiction and Art Challenge[5] Founder
  • Smallville and Stargate Atlantis Flash Fiction Challenge[6] Founder
  • Smallville Flash Fiction 2.0[7], Founder
  • SGA Big Bang, Founder, Moderator (comod, Medie, Lauralaitaine, Gblvr)
  • Under Mistletoe Challenge[8], Founder