One Life to Live

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Name: One Life to Live
Abbreviation(s): OLTL
Creator: Agnes Nixon
Date(s): July 1968 - January 2012 (ABC)
April 2013 - August 2013 (TOLN)
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
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One Life to Live is a long-running American soap opera on the television network ABC. In April 2011, ABC announced the show's cancellation, and its final episode on ABC aired on January 13, 2012. It had run over 11,000 episodes since its premiere on July 15, 1968.

The rights to both One Life to Live and All My Children were licensed to Prospect Park, which briefly revived the show as a web series with much of the same cast. The web series aired from April to August 2013 through "The Online Network" on Hulu and iTunes. Production of both shows has been indefinitely suspended.

The show revolves around the residents of the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania, and has been credited as "the first daytime drama to primarily feature racially and socioeconomically diverse characters and consistently emphasize social issues."[1]


One Life to Life fandom is fairly small, though general fannish discussion is popular all over the web, such as on Television Without Pity's soap opera forums, SoapCentral's forums, and other sites. Fanworks are often posted on message boards and small fansites, as well as LiveJournal communities and a number of Yahoo! Groups dedicated specifically to OLTL fanfiction.[2] One Life to Live is also a Yuletide nominated fandom[3].

Many small fansites and communities also exist for specific pairings. There is a relatively large niche of the fandom that centers on the relationship between Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish, one of the show's first canonical m/m relationships between major characters. The Kyle/Fish pairing, often referred to by the portmanteau "Kish," became popular even among people who were not originally fans of the show. Segments of the show posted as YouTube videos allowed fans to watch scenes that featured Kyle and Fish without having to watch the rest of episodes. RPF featuring Brett Claywell and Scott Evans, the actors that play Kyle and Fish respectively, is also fairly common.

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