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Name(s): Soap Opera
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A soap opera or soap is an ongoing, episodic drama presented in serial format. The original soaps were on radio, but these days most are on broadcast tv, although with the decline of ratings, some are moving to the Internet to become web series. Modern soap operas generally have several different storylines occurring simultaneously, with each episode advancing some of the storylines. Plotlines generally focus on relationships, sex, family drama, and emotional conflicts.

Notable Soaps


Despite obsessive interest in many soaps, transformative fanworks are relatively rare.

  • where is all the soap opera fanfiction? On forums?

Slash fandom and Soaps

In the 2000s some soaps began to feature m/m (and, more rarely, f/f) romantic storylines. Devoted fans of these couples would take only the scenes devoted to these characters and put them on Youtube, meaning that many other fans could catch up on the canon for their favorite supercouple without having to watch all those other storylines and characters that they weren't interested in. Some couples who achieved fandoms (outside their usual show's fandom) in this manner included:

Pairings like Christian/Olli and Deniz/Roman are popular even with English-speaking fans who don't speak German, due to the work of fan translation efforts like the Eskimo Kiss Project.


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