Eskimo Kiss Project

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Name: Eskimo Kiss Project
Dates: 2008 - present
Type: fansubs, fanvids, fanfics
Fandom: Alles Was Zählt
URL: EKP website, YouTube website
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Eskimo Kiss Project is a fansite that was created by aldiara, lilithilien, and shellydkitty in November 2008. EKP showcases their favorite scenes from the German soap Alles Was Zählt, particularly of the canonically gay couple (as much as two people can be a couple on a soap), Deniz Öztürk and Roman Wild, and their surrounding community. Their YouTube account provides videoclips from the series, subtitled in English. Their website also contains fanvids produced by the members of EKP and links to AWZ fanfic written or admired by the trio.

The fanfic listing is on delicious as well.

The project has been recognized in both the German,[1] and English press,[2] and has been credited with creating the show's global fanbase.[3]

About their work on a typical episode, EKP say:

AWZ airs at 7:05pm in Germany, which is 1:05pm for Lil and Shelly and crazy pre-dawn silly time for Aldi. So work begins with buckets of coffee and an AIM chatroom, where we watch the episode on the RTL site, flailing/grumbling/yawning as appropriate and figuring out how much of the episode we want to cover. Aldi (the only one of us who actually knows German) works up clipping cues, Lil edits the episode, then Aldi translates/subtitles the edited clip, and Shelly puts it all together and forcefeeds it to YouTube (which may or may not cooperate). Somewhere among all that, we scramble to piece together a description (early drafts often run along the lines of “OMG WHAT” and “SQUEEEEEEE” and “WTF Show!”).[4]

Notable Events

  • EKP gains its 1000th subscription June 4, 2009 [5]
  • EKP gains its 2000th subscription August 11, 2009 [6]
  • EKP visits the AWZ studio in Köln October 21–28, 2009 [7]


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